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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Lap Band, Sleeve, Bypass .... Repeat Revision

A quick update on what is going on with me. (read about the last update here )After getting an upper GI we learned that my sleeved stomach is too larger, larger than it should be. After talking to my doctor and my husband for what the best next step was for me , it was decided I would try to get approval for gastric bypass. Bypass was chosen for a few reasons. I have PCOS which puts me at danger for diabetes, PCOS is also one of the main reasons I am over weight. Long term I feel like this is the best choice for me. Bypass will help me get to my goal and stay there. Now people may understandably think i am NUTS for even considering a third weight loss surgery . However, this was given great thought. Long term for my health its what needs to be done . I have never been a fan of bypass. Seems most people I know who have had bypass gain thier weight back . I will have the best of both worlds when it comes to surgeries. Because my stomach is already sleeved , the stretchy part of the stomach is done. So the risk of eating threw the bypass or stretching the stomach is not there. I also believe I need the mal absorption of bypass to help me with weight gain .

When my surgery was sent to insurance i thought this was a HUGE long shot to get approved.
However I was surprised to learn this week , the surgery was APPROVED ! I go see the doctor next week , the surgeon who did my sleeve does not do bypass so his associate will be doing the surgery.

I have been told I am crazy for doing this .. however I believe that I had to go through all this with surgery after surgery to get to where I am now. Bypass , a virgin bypass I do not think would have worked for me , however A sleeved stomach bypass I believe will work for me. I guess things work out the way they are suppose to .

I will find out hopefully next week when surgery is. I am hoping to have it towards the end of May.
I will keep you updated ! !!!
Thanks !

Monday, March 10, 2014

Revision on my Revsion ?

I took this pictures at my docs office last time i was there,
You can see how the sleeve is done  

Gastric bypass. You can see in this how it would be "easy to bypass" after the sleeve.

Today I saw my surgeon about the results of my Upper GI i had done a few weeks ago .
We were trying to see if my stomach was too big , larger than it should be after my revision surgery.
I am able to eat WAY too much . It was hard to determine for myself if I was eating too much on my own of my stomach was just too big .

So my stomach is indeed too larger, larger than what it should be  . It was not surprising to him when I told him I was able to eat an entire hamburger based on the size of my stomach ( I forgot to ask him just HOW big it was )

My options :
1. Do nothing. Not really an option for me ... The fact that I have PCOS (poly cystic ovarian syndrome) puts me at risk for diabetes and stroke as well as the fact that I am regaining weight
already .

2. Re Sleeve my sleeve, meaning make my stomach smaller than it is, the size it should be .

3. Have Gastric Bypass surgery

So in other words my options are surgery . My docs office is checking to see what if anything my insurance will pay for . My doc was not too worried, he seemed to think that it would not be an issue, the insurance coordinator at the office however, was not as sure .

Another issue I have is that my surgeon cant do bypass .. however his colleges can . He assured me however he would help in the OR to be sure I was safe, which means a TON to me .
Hubs and I are going to talk about it this week , But at this point I am leaning towards bypass.
I am not a fan of gastric bypass ... Virgin bypass patients have a tendency to gain weight back . However I will have a sleeved stomach on top of bypass. This is appealing to me, the portion of my stomach that is left is the portion that does not stretch ... so bypass to me seems like the best of both worlds !

I am frustrated about the fact that I may need a third weight loss surgery . I feel in some ways like a failure . In other ways I am relieved that there is a "reason " behind my issues . This seems like a never ending process for me . But maybe I had to go through all this to get to the end result ? I am not sure how I feel about this all yet.

Now .. A big question I am sure .. WHY is your stomach larger than it should be  ? Well we are not sure . I have my own theories about this .

My Theory
 When I had my revision surgery my stomach was damaged , inflamed from the band, the damage the band caused. When the band was removed and I was revised the stomach then relaxed and relaxed more than it should have !
Now there is much debate about weather revision surgery is best done in one or two surgeries.
The reasoning behind 2 surgeries is that it allows the stomach to heal before sleeving it .
Well, I use to think it did not matter. However, I am now starting to think surgery in 2 procedures is a better option .


To anyone who was revised from band to sleeve and feel like its not working , you can eat too much , you never felt like you got any restriction have your stomach size checked ! This maybe an issue for you too !

Anyway ...I am not sure what I will be doing yet. A lot depends on what insurance will pay for if anything.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Updates and honesty !

It has been a while since I have updated the blog. So i thought I would go over a few things.
First as you know I have had chronic migraines since i was 11 yrs old. I get 15-18 migraines a month.
A few months ago they were really out of hand, due to not having insurance for 7 yrs the only thing I could do was treat them when I got them . Now that we have insurance I was able to go see a new Neurologist , who is amazing by the way . The end of December I got my first round of botox treatment for migriaines , to prevent them . I got around 30 injections on my forehead, behind my ears, the back of my neck and down my shoulders. I was "Warned" the botox may take a treatment or 2 to really work . Well to my amazment it worked the first treatment and I have only had 5 migraines in the last 60 days. ( I Had 3 this week I think the botox is wearing off now ) So I will go back in March for another round ! But I am VERY Happy with the results !!!

Now for my weight loss. I was hoping to get my migraines under control so i could then start to work out . However the weather here in Texas has been NUTS . So I have not gotten out much lately .
That being said , I will be 100% honest with those of you reading this ... Because I think its important if your considering revision to know ALL of the facts. I have lost 40 lbs in over a year.. Not to bad BUT Weight loss surgery wise its not good . 30 of those pounds came off the first 30 days.
I dont want to go into too much detail right now .. we are waiting to find out more . However the doc is concerened something is not right . My stomach maybe too large or something, Its not "Normal" to have not lost much weight . SO I will have an upper GI next week to find out if anything is going on . Its not anything bad he does not think but he wants to find out why i am able to eat as much as I can .
There is where the honesty comes in . IF I am trying to be good and eat what i should in the amount I should I can EASILY eat 4 oz of food , protein and an hour later be hungry again !
IF I am being bad , like I was the other day I at nearly an ENTIRE Wendys Hamburger and some fries ! NOT normal for someone who had the stomach the size of a highlighter, Or suppose to have a stomach that larger !
 I feel like I am a bottomless  pit when it comes to what i can eat . Similar to what I felt like before surgery . I agree with my surgeon when he says lets not set around and wait for you to gain more weight back before we do something, OH Yeah i forgot to mention I have gained 9 lbs in 3 months !

So I will update more when I find out more . To be honest I was not going to make this public, the upper GI ect , but I feel its important to be honest with everyone who reads my blog, those who
are thinking of surgery , have had it etc . To be honest is what people need ! Including being honest with myself !

Thanks for reading !

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

One Year Ago

One Year ago tomorrow I had my revision from lap band to sleeve surgery . Its been a long , rough, good year. Lots of things have changed in that year.
 A year ago I was in constant pain . My body ached daily , my joints ached daily, chronic fatigue  and I was unable to eat solid foods for close to a year . Throwing up was part of my daily life and I was 100 pounds over weight . Mentally I was probably as miserable as I have ever been in my life .
My doctor took a chance on me and agreed to do my revision surgery . After spending  a week in the hospital due to swelling I was out and on my own . What has changed ?

I now have a full time job, working 12 hour shifts in a hospital . On my feet walking 12-15 miles a SHIFT . My body does not ache near as bad as it did a year ago and my joints have normal " old age" aches and pains ! I am in school to hopefully get a nursing degree some time in the near future.

Now to the surgery / change itself. I will be the first to admit I am a bit disappointed in how my weight loss has gone since my revision . I am 40 lbs down in a year. I am down from a size 24 to a 14-16. The weight loss has just not come off like I had wanted. Its a known issue with revision patients that we can loose slower than others. The reason is not well known , but some suspect its due to the lap band screwing up our metabolisms so badly . I still have some health issues I am dealing with that can affect my weight. The major one is my chronic migraines, I get 15-18 migraines a month . I am currently waiting for botox approval to try to get them under control . I am hoping once that happens I will be able to work out more. Until then I am working out when I feel like it , which ends up being about twice a week  . I also may have a thyroid issue, which I cant get that checked out until January .

Over all physcally I feel 100% better than I did this time last year. I felt better the day after surgery than i did the day before surgery , pain from surgery and all !
Was it all worth it , to have the revision ? YES ! I would do it again .

Weight issues may always be a struggle for me . At some point I want to loose another 40 lbs, IF i lost another 20 i would be happy. I will get there some way some how . I am not gaining though !
Its all a work in progress. I believe if i can get my migraines under control enough for me to work out on a regular basis which I really want to do I could be down to where i want to be in less than 6 months . So we shall see!

Its been a good year over all !

Pre Lap band Weight 250

Pre Revision a year ago 225

One year 40 lbs gone (not much progress but some)

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

FINALLY ! Loosing again

For months and by months I mean 6 months I have not lost any weight. The last time i went to my doc for a check up was 3 months ago and I had only lost a pound since my last visit ! After talking to him and he suggesting that we think about bypass over my sleeve I freaked out a little bit .
I had already started to implement a Paleo (ish) diet . By Ish I mean I do eat a little cheese. The paleo diet is ideal for someone who had weight loss surgery . You eat your meat first then veggies then if you have room fruit . I originally started the diet to get rid of artificial things in my diet to see if it helps my migraines .

On top of eating Paleo I drink a master cleanse drink nearly ever time I drink water. The master cleanse is simply lemon juice, a pinch of cayenne pepper and a dash of maple syrup . It tastes just like lemonade . I have reduced the amount of sweet tea to one a day , with my am meds.

So this combo as well as getting in some walking when i have time has worked ! ( So far ) I have never been able to get below 188 and stay there ... I bounce between 190-188 and always go back up . I have been steadily loosing weight and keeping it off  since starting this routine !

I am not hungry , I do not crave sweets anymore . The trick was getting all refined sugars out of my system ! I needed it ! I feel much better !
Lets hope this stays !! But so far so good !

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Almost a year



So i had my one year post op appt today( Its really not til November )  and I am well I dunno .
I told him im concerned I can eat too much . We talked a little bit and said we could do a endoscopy to see how big my stomach was ,if it was too big. After talking some more he said " lets do this I know you have not focused on your weight loss or your food for a while which is fine , he said lets spend 3 months with you REALLY Working at it and see what happens. On top of that lets get your thyroid checked ( because my hair is still falling out, mood swings and not sleeping well, all signs of thyroid issues  ) I told him that sounded good. So i asked him " What if my stomach is too big " he said " WELL We could do bypass over the sleeve which would reduce my stomach to HALF of what it already is ... " He said he does not like to do that nor does he want to on me , but its an option My husband would SHIT if i told him i needed a THIRD WLS ! So paleo is kicking in full force this week as well as working out !


I also saw a migraine speclaist today for my chronic migraines. 

She said her goal is to keep her patients at their jobs , in school and living the life they want . She wants to start with an MRI because I have not had one in so long, put me on Nortriptyline to try as a preventative , gave me amerge as an abortive , phenergan and zomig nose spray for my knock me out migraines that wake me up in the night. I have to have 15 migraines a month to qualify for botox, and i have 14 ! So she said to make a REALLY Good migraine diary for when i come back .. She said if the Nortriptyline did not work we would do botox and hope insurance will pay . I feel like I have a good plan so far !


Saturday, September 7, 2013

This and That

My son and I in Garden of the Gods in Colorado on our vacation
 (Note the I have a collar bone sticking out ! )

Well as of yesterday I am 38 yrs old ! A year ago I felt like i was 60 with all the aches and pains I had thanks to my lap band . Now Its slowly getting better, I have some muscle aches here and there  from time to time but i think its actually "normal" because it usually happens after work .

I started back to school a few weeks ago . Taking my pre requisites for nursing . I have wanted to be a nurse since I was 11 yrs old. I should have started a long time ago , i could have been done by now but I'm stating at least !

Weight loss wise things are about the same . 40 lbs lost . Stalled for a while now . I decided to "Take a break " from obsessing about weight , what i eat and weighting myself daily . It was driving me crazy . I did that for about 2 weeks before i went on vacation to visit my brother in Colorado and lost 2 lbs before I left ! I kept it off , one good thing about the revision is once the weight is off it doesn't come back on .

Now that my schedule is a bit more set with school and work Im going back to the gym next week .
Focusing more on what i eat. I have not been eating badly , watching what i eat but have not been obsessing, tracking everything i put in my mouth . But I need to get back to good habits, I really want this weight off , the rest of it SOON ! While I think realistically its going to take me another 6 months to get the remaining 50 lbs off I am ok if it takes longer. I go back for my final "year " visit with my doc next week . After that I go every 6 months . I hope he's happy with my weight loss . He's told me before Im doing great. So we shall see !