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My name is Mindy and I am a wife and mother of 2 boys, Ages 20 and 12. I recently started on the path of becoming a nurse something i have wanted to do since i was 11 !

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Friday, January 23, 2015

8 months update

Its been about 8 months since my second revision surgery ( Sleeve to RNY) . Over all i feel pretty good. At my 6 month post op visit my doc was happy with my weight loss and weight at this point , although I am not so much . He was more concerned about how I felt over all and my general well being than my weight loss. Since my band surgery nearly 10 yrs ago I have not felt this good in a long long time ( since before my band complications ) Doc would like me to loose another 20 pds in the next year I would like to loose 40 but he said with the surgeries i have had and now my body is "use" to loosing weight I would have to WORK HARD to loose the 40 . 20 would make me pretty happy at this point .
The one issue I have been fighting since surgery is MAJOR gastro issues. I do not think alot of people talk about this but what the hell i will ! Since the last surgery I have to have BM's with in 30 minutes of eating a meal, they come frequent, loose and often ! Along with that I have sever bloating, cramping and diarrhea . So i took it upon myself to see a Gastro doc . He about a month ago put me on the low FODmap diet as well as diagnosed me with IBS. Since starting the FODmap diet my symptoms are 75% better . Less frequent and urgent BM's less cramping, bloating and pain . I am also on a pro biotic ( Culterelle ) and was given a RX for Hyocsyamine a med to help with cramping and bloating after a meal . So over all, all of these things are helping a ton .

I have slacked MAJORLY on my working out and exercise since the holidays. My son had a minor health issue over the holidays and the stress got to me . I KNEW better and KNEW i should have kept working out but did not ! So Im trying to get back into it again but starting over what i did before, starting off walking and will work my way back to the Y Next month !

Over all i feel good . Weight loss wise im a bit disappointed in but I am not gaining which is good !
Its still a work in progress !

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Lessons Learned : 10 years & 3 Weight Loss Surgeries

WARNING: This is meant to be a post about what I have learned over the years. I would like ALL NEWBIES Esp to just LISTEN to it , Read it , do not take offense to it . Especially if you are a revision patient. PLEASE Just listen ! 

If you have not kept up on my story are are new to my story please take a moment and read my back story . You can read about my journey here. Over the past 10 years I have been on many a weight loss support groups. Most have been online. I have learned a few things over the years . Having to have had 2 revision surgeries of not fault of mine I have learned a few lessons and I would like to share them .

Lesson 1:
Its a TOOL: No matter what weight loss surgery you choose , its a tool. Its a tool that needs to be used, used well and used right . There is NO easy way you .
I will be the first to admit my lap band ( before it tried to kill me ) was easy. 125 pounds in 10 months from a size 24 to a 4 in 10 months was easy . I did not work at it one bit .
The sleeve was harder , due to weight regain from my band it was a harder tool to use for myself.
RNY , Again A tool, not easy but its work . Im working at it daily .

Lesson 2:
MOVE YOUR ASS ! This is probably the biggest thing i want people to listen to . Recently on message boards I have heard various people saying things like " Please like im gonna work out " " I wont become addicted to working out " . " 5 years out and I never lift a finger "
Let me say this about working out , moving , being active . This is KEY with ANY weight loss surgery. I work out 3-4 times a week now , if i do not work out at the Y I walk 2 miles a night. No I am not perfect and the last 2 weeks I have not worked out due to some stressful issues in my life but I will be back at it on Monday . Do not be so aarrogant to think that working out , becoming more active is " Just not your thing and you are fine" I thought that myself. However , you may be fine now , i was fine after loosing 125 lbs .. BUT If your tool stops working and YES that does happen it happened to me TWICE You have to have something to fall back on , to help you along the way .
You do not have to go to the gym find something you like, walking , running, yoga, Pilates, dancing FIND SOMETHING and DO IT ! If your tool stops working you will THANK ME and if it does not GREAT You just created a healthy life style. Had i worked out after my lap band I may not have regained so much weight. Maybe I would have but maybe I would not have.

Lesson 3:
A more active lifestyle is not enough : I fooled myself into thinking after my lap band that I was more active, i ran errands , i was at football games school activities etc . I was more active than before my surgery so "that was enough" . Its not . Being more active is a great thing, its one of the amazing benefits of WLS. HOWEVER , its is not in my opinion enough to sustain you long term when it comes to weight loss .

Lesson 4:
It wont happen to me : Newbies espically seem to be very smug when it comes to "weight regain". Its almost funny to hear people say " I am doing just fine Im 3 months out " that's amazing but listen to your elders ! Listen to those who have gone before you and tell you things like " eating a hamburger at 5 weeks out is NOT OK "
I am a model patient, I was a model patient with my band . IF I can regain weight anyone can .
If my band and sleeve failed anyone's can .

Lesson 5:
Its work : ALL weight loss surgeries are work . You have to work . You have to be diligent in  your plan in order for it to work . I am not saying you have to be perfect all the time, lord knows I am not but this is a lifestyle change you HAVE TO Change your life style !

I hope this all makes sense. I was prompted to do this post after seeing so many people be so smug to newbies about their journies. I get everyone's journey is different, but in my opinion people have to be honest with them selves and others for them to know what they will get them selves into .

Monday, October 27, 2014


I am not even sure when my last update was. Not much has changed with me. Depending on the day that either upsets me or I am ok with it . Weight wise I still have 42 pounds to loose. The weight is coming off SLOW SLOW SLOW. BUT its not coming ON and I am maintaining. I am still working out , when I feel like it . I get chronic migraines and my botox ( treatment for migraines ) has worn of so the last month I have been in not the best shape mentally or physically . BUT I get the botox Wednesday so that's good.
I can say this , after 3 weight loss surgeries i have NEVER worked THIS hard to keep it off as I do now. On my good weeks I am at the YMCA doing Yoga, body pump, cardio funk and zumba 6 days a week . On a bad week I walk around my block 3 times a week .  BUT I also feel way better than i Have in a long long long time . Its a process. I have a feeling my vitamin and mineral levels are probably messed up ( blood work next week ) which may have something to do with my weight loss being so slow . So we shall see . I have to remind myself its not even been 6 months since my surgery .

Friday, September 19, 2014

Ya Gotta WORK !

Its been about 4 months since my sleeve to bypass surgery . While it seems like a long long time ago it really has not been that long. I have learned a few things along the way , from this surgery and my others.
First the #1 question I get asked is " Since you have had the lap band, sleeve and now RNY which surgery is best and which is best for me " . While surgery and which surgery to get is a totally personal choice I can say this to people .. First off NEVER GET THE LAP BAND ( I dont like to tell people what NOT to do but this is one i will stand by . DO NOT GET THE BAND ! ) Second off its hard for me to answer this question as to what I like the best. The lap band was "easy" the weight came off with no effort on my part. We all know now the damage it caused so "easy " is not a word I would contiune to use with it . The sleeve .. did i like it ? That is hard to answer also . I will say this , IF I had the sleeve FIRST I think I would have liked it . Its hard for me to tell you if the sleeve is "good or worked" because it never really worked the way it should have for me due to damage from my band. Now how do I like Bypass ? I like it . Its probably as "Normal" as I have felt in a long long time , there is no pain when eating, no joint aches or muscles aches , no vomitting , no getting stuck no throwing up . That being said, it is hard for me to say if bypass would have worked the same for me if i had it the second time or even the first time around. Of the 3 surgeries I am happiest at this point with the bypass.

NOW my progress... Weight loss wise its been slow. REAL Slow.  Its been about 35-40 pounds total so far since my sleeve to bypass. I am currently 183 and my docs office states I was 190 when I had surgery but that's not right I had gained some weight between my surgery and the pre op visit.  Now I have lost WAY more inches than pounds. I was in size 18/20 when i had surgery and am currently in a 12-14 depending on the brand. I just started taking my measurments. Another big change is ..

I am working out !! That's right , Mrs I hate to work out , dont like it never did it . I joined the Y last month and go 3-4 times a week , I actually half way ENJOY it ! Did you faint ?

I have been going to body pump , body combat and cardio funk classes ! I will even go and walk on the treadmill BEFORE a class ! ( did you faint again ? LOL) 
Even with the working out I am not loosing as much as I would like. I have a goal to have 25 pounds lost before Christmas. I would like to have ALL of the 40 or so pounds that i have left off before my one year anniversary .  If I get there I get there, but I know I am doing EVERYTHING I can to help myself. I feel better than I have in years now . I eat better and am enjoying myself for the first time in a long time ! So the moral of the story ? Who ever says weight loss surgery is the "Easy " way out has not seen my big ass at the gym working out ! Its ROUGH and HARD . I would have LOVED to have taken the "easy way out " instead of this way !! 

Here is a current picture of me. I had to take it to "See" the changes, while they are small I see them . 

Saturday, August 9, 2014


Its been about 12 weeks since my revision and things are going pretty good. I have finally got my energy back for the most part it took quite a while for it to come back . I have made some more changes other than just surgery . While i was out on disability for my surgery I decided to look for a new job. When I was dreading having to go back , not to work but to the place I worked I decided to take the time to apply for a few other jobs. As it turns out I got one ! I am now working at an allergy clinic and Love it . The hospital was part of what was draining me so physically and I just could not see going back to that .

Because of my new hours at work I have the time and energy to walk now. I walk almost every night. Something I have never been good at sticking to . But I have been doing well for about 3 weeks now . I walk at least 6 days a week . Which is good for me and its been REALLY hot lately .
I have had some people ask me how this surgery compares to the other surgeries.

As far as how I feel and how i eat now, I have more restriction now after my RNY than almost any other surgery . I have only thrown up a few times and mostly from eating bad food ( really dry usually) which is a huge change from the lap band and the sleeve I could eat nearly anything in any amount .

Over all I feel REALLY Good. There is one thing that is really annoying and while I hate to put it out there for everyone to read .. its something I think surgery patients or people considering revisions should know goes on. Due to the malabsorbtion issues I have with the surgery I have chronic loose BM's . Its embarrassing and some times too much for me to deal with . I spoke to my doc about it a little bit and he said it was not "normal" but consequential of how I eat now . I will contact my NUT next week to talk to him more about it . I have started taking a probiotic to see if that helps .

So over all I feel good . I am down 31 pounds at this point and down from a 18/20 pant size to a 14 and they are getting a little loose. Also down from a XXL shirt to a Large Shirt .
Sometimes I do not see the difference and its hard for me to believe people when they say I look good or that they can tell I have lost weight .. I think because everyone know's i had surgery they are just saying it to be nice ! That's just me .

What do I still need to work on ? I want to start doing some yoga to tone up . Also eating better. I do not eat bad , however we have started a bad habit of eating out . While i eat healthy when I eat out I don't know what i am putting in my body . My B1 levels were low as were my B12 So I need to be able to get in the vitamins and calories I need and know what I am eating ! So that's the goal this month to eat at home more and try some yoga !!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

A Milestone of Sorts

Its been a little over a month since my surgery . The weight has been coming off fairly easily at this point and restriction when eating is good . While everything is going well I am still waiting for the other shoe to drop. Something to go wrong, the weight to stall , something. I mean really do you blame me after all the crap I have been through . 
Today however I hit a milestone of sorts. I am officially lighter than I was with my sleeve.
With my sleeve I could NEVER get  under 189-190 pounds . I would see saw between those 2 weights for months , months turned into a year . I lost 40 lbs with my sleeve but only 10 pounds came off after the first 30 days . So I am gun shy still about the weight loss.
But today at 6 weeks post op I hit 188 pounds . Which means I am lighter than I was ever with my sleeve , granted I was 10 pounds lighter to begin with but still its something ! 
Once I get below 180 I think i will feel like this is really working ! 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

One Month Post op

Its been a little over a month since my surgery . I am down 25 lbs so far. The pain from surgery is gone and the only side affect I have lingering is fatigue. I am still very very tired , and get very tired easily .  I go back to work to a new job next week . I decided to leave the hospital job I was working at . It was very stressful and not to mention very physical . I cant imagine having to do that job 12 hours a day in the near future with the energy level I currently have. So I am excited to start my new job . 

The supplements I have to take are difficult for me to get down . Because i have issues with taking anything with artificial sweeteners in them ( I get horrible migraines ) I found some supplements that are all vegan , all natural blah blah , but i have to break them open to take them and oh my do they not set well . I am going to try one more kind to see if i can try them , but if that does not work i may need to get IV infusions of my supplements. With Gastric Bypass supplements are really really important. You can crash and get really sick really fast if your levels drop quickly. 
So its something i need to stay on top of . 

Over all things are going well. I am really happy with the amount of restriction i have post op this time around. After my sleeve surgery I never felt like I had any restriction , or stopping point after eating, even early on post op . But I can not eat much at this point and I am very full. So I am very happy with that !