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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Lessons Learned : 10 years & 3 Weight Loss Surgeries

WARNING: This is meant to be a post about what I have learned over the years. I would like ALL NEWBIES Esp to just LISTEN to it , Read it , do not take offense to it . Especially if you are a revision patient. PLEASE Just listen ! 

If you have not kept up on my story are are new to my story please take a moment and read my back story . You can read about my journey here. Over the past 10 years I have been on many a weight loss support groups. Most have been online. I have learned a few things over the years . Having to have had 2 revision surgeries of not fault of mine I have learned a few lessons and I would like to share them .

Lesson 1:
Its a TOOL: No matter what weight loss surgery you choose , its a tool. Its a tool that needs to be used, used well and used right . There is NO easy way you .
I will be the first to admit my lap band ( before it tried to kill me ) was easy. 125 pounds in 10 months from a size 24 to a 4 in 10 months was easy . I did not work at it one bit .
The sleeve was harder , due to weight regain from my band it was a harder tool to use for myself.
RNY , Again A tool, not easy but its work . Im working at it daily .

Lesson 2:
MOVE YOUR ASS ! This is probably the biggest thing i want people to listen to . Recently on message boards I have heard various people saying things like " Please like im gonna work out " " I wont become addicted to working out " . " 5 years out and I never lift a finger "
Let me say this about working out , moving , being active . This is KEY with ANY weight loss surgery. I work out 3-4 times a week now , if i do not work out at the Y I walk 2 miles a night. No I am not perfect and the last 2 weeks I have not worked out due to some stressful issues in my life but I will be back at it on Monday . Do not be so aarrogant to think that working out , becoming more active is " Just not your thing and you are fine" I thought that myself. However , you may be fine now , i was fine after loosing 125 lbs .. BUT If your tool stops working and YES that does happen it happened to me TWICE You have to have something to fall back on , to help you along the way .
You do not have to go to the gym find something you like, walking , running, yoga, Pilates, dancing FIND SOMETHING and DO IT ! If your tool stops working you will THANK ME and if it does not GREAT You just created a healthy life style. Had i worked out after my lap band I may not have regained so much weight. Maybe I would have but maybe I would not have.

Lesson 3:
A more active lifestyle is not enough : I fooled myself into thinking after my lap band that I was more active, i ran errands , i was at football games school activities etc . I was more active than before my surgery so "that was enough" . Its not . Being more active is a great thing, its one of the amazing benefits of WLS. HOWEVER , its is not in my opinion enough to sustain you long term when it comes to weight loss .

Lesson 4:
It wont happen to me : Newbies espically seem to be very smug when it comes to "weight regain". Its almost funny to hear people say " I am doing just fine Im 3 months out " that's amazing but listen to your elders ! Listen to those who have gone before you and tell you things like " eating a hamburger at 5 weeks out is NOT OK "
I am a model patient, I was a model patient with my band . IF I can regain weight anyone can .
If my band and sleeve failed anyone's can .

Lesson 5:
Its work : ALL weight loss surgeries are work . You have to work . You have to be diligent in  your plan in order for it to work . I am not saying you have to be perfect all the time, lord knows I am not but this is a lifestyle change you HAVE TO Change your life style !

I hope this all makes sense. I was prompted to do this post after seeing so many people be so smug to newbies about their journies. I get everyone's journey is different, but in my opinion people have to be honest with them selves and others for them to know what they will get them selves into .


  1. Agree 10x's! Definitely a great post!

  2. I would add that you don't work out just to lose (or maintain) weight. You do it for your health and well-being -- to live longer and happier. So even if you lose all your weight without working out, that's not something to be happy about or proud of. You still need to work out to live longer, to increase your mental capabilities, to manage your stress and all the other things that working out gets you!