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Friday, February 25, 2011

Would you do it ? Boudoir Pictures

I was just looking at a photographers website and she had some really nice Boudoir pictures on them . Of course the women in them were young , hot and had an ass you could bounce a quarter off of. On her page she said someone who recently lost 100lbs was going to have some made.

When I reached my goal ( The first time) this was something I had wanted done .
But I never see " regular" women with saggy boobs and saggy asses like I have doing them. I still want to have them done ( mainly for my husband he would TRIP Over himself ) but I just do not know how they would turn out ...

So would you do it ?


  1. If they were never seen by another human eye besides my husband sure!

  2. LMAO Sarah ! I think i would have to agree with you on that.

  3. I would...same as Sarah and you. But I have heard that some photographers are good about hiding any issues...behind a chair, pillow, blankets, etc. It might be something you'd want to ask them upfront.

  4. Girl do it!! Boudoir pictures are always appreciated by the hubby, especially when they're unexpected ;)

  5. I would, In. A. Heartbeat! Go for it!

  6. Hold your horses ladies, I gotta get the weight off first ! LMAO . But I think i just might do it once I do . The hubs would love it !

  7. Absolutely! In fact, I'm thinking of making it a gift for Jess.