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My name is Mindy and I am a wife and mother of 2 boys, Ages 20 and 12. I recently started on the path of becoming a nurse something i have wanted to do since i was 11 !

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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

BAD NEWS !!! My band .....

First i just want to thank everyone for their great comments on reaching my goal !!!
I went to the doc yesterday after having refulx for a week or more ( FYI If you get refulx go to the doc RIGHT AWAY ) the past week i have been throwing up quite a bit but like i said did not have the money to go to the doc.

WELL, I went in yesterday after not being able to keep liquids down . And one look in the XRay and MY BAND HAD SLIPPED !!! Not only had it slipped but i was about an hour away from having to have surgery ! I was severly dyhradated as well.
The doc after totally unfilling me told me to wait and we'll do another X ray . We did and the band had not "Un done " Its self. ( It was also flipped , you know when you look at the band in flouro you can see the outer rim ? MINE you could see the INSIDE part that your stomach goes through ) So he said to wait until he was done seeing patients , In the mean time he was calling the hospital to make arrangements for surgery . $4000 !! Is what it was going to cost me.
He saw the rest of his patients and we did another x ray and BAM my band moved on its own !!! NO SURGERY . My doc told me " You are VERY LUCKY " he was not happy with me for waiting to come in !!!

SO NOW ... I have to be on liquids for 2 weeks , go back get it checked , if its still not moved or anything then i might be able to do mushies at that point. But he told me at this point to prepare for 4 weeks of liquids !!!!!

So that's my deal !!!!
Thanks again to everyone. I will up date again when i can !


  1. holy freakin moly! I am so glad you're ok! Jesus, I didn't know that the band could flip back in place if left alone like that. that sound promising. Oh boy, how did it flip, Have you been overeating a bit? Just curious. I have been eating some heavy meals lately and don't want to do through the same thing.

  2. OMG, Mindy!! I don't know whether to be alarmed for you or say you're a lucky thing that it flipped back on its own and may "correct" itself on its own. Wow!

    I hadn't been checking blogs for a few days now so I never read that you made GOOOOAAAALLLLL!!!! Omg, you are a superhero, my friend!!!

  3. Thanks beth. I am feeling a lot better today. Towards the end of the day my stomach started to hurt ,I think it was from doing too much today. Du will be home Thursday(he went backto houston last night,had to )so I will be happy about that I can relax a little more . Hope u r well

  4. Mindy!!! that is terrible. I'm glad you went in when you did. Glad you don't need surgery as well. Did the doctor say what caused this, so the rest of us can learn about what causes slipping? It sounds like your going to go well beyond your goal weight with the liquids for so long. All I can say is "wow!"

  5. What a roller coaster of a post! My heart was in my throat for you girl - what an experience you must be sooooo relieved! I'm starting to wonder what you can physically do with this thing????

  6. OMG! I am so sorry to hear about this. But, I'm hoping that all is well....
    I too am wondering what caused this. Honestly, I have been struggling with my band lately--it's been very fickle. In the morning sometimes I can't even choke down my Chai Latte! I've been able to eat very little amounts most of the time...which is fine. But, other times--one bite just has me in the worst pain. But, I can get dried, toasted, stale bread long as it's crunchy. I could probably do a whole damn loaf of that! Oh well...enough about me!
    I sure hope this is short lived and not as bad as originally thought. And, I sure hope you can get some rest.
    You really have done a wonderful job---an inspiration to all of us! We have to keep you well!

  7. Thanks Judi. In my opinion it sounds like your too tight. And if your not throwing up already your going to start soon . So I would go in for a slight unfill if it were me personally. That is too tight for me to be able to handle. Only being able to take a few bites is not good . I personally cant handle that. its not enough for me.
    Good luck dont mess around !!! LOL