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Friday, July 8, 2011

Ding Dong ... Yes ?? Your an idiot for having lap band !

Do I really think that ? No .. but The strangest thing happened to me the other day .
My door bell rings. Its someone who is looking for the people who use to own this house. She starts talking to me . Turns out she was inviting the owners to a "party " at her house for this crap she sells. Its a weight loss , meal replacement drink . She asks if I Might be interested. I told her that I had a lap band and didn't need those. She then proceeds to tell me that everyone she know's who has had lap band has failed. I asked her " are you SURE your not thinking of Gastric Bypass ?" She says " Well maybe. Keep in mind I dont know this lady from Adam. She proceeds to tell me why I should be drinking these drinks so I dont NEED my lap band. Very obvious that she's very anti surgery ... So I let her talk .. Then I told her " First off you are not educated enough about weight loss and people who have weight loss issues to be "Selling ANYTHING weight loss related. Second off , I had lap band So I Dont have to do stupid shit anymore like DRINK LIQUIDS FOR WEEKS AND MONTHS AND YEARS On end as a MEAL to lose weight , so I Do not have to go on a diet . Further more , when you go OFF That meal shake , and you will because no one can LIVE on that come see me when you gain your weight back !!! NOW ... Next time you knock on someone's door why dont you NOT disrespect them !! Thank you !!! Can you believe that shit ?


  1. Love it. She could of used a kick in the pants.

  2. How can someone--especially a sales person coming to your house--disrespect another person like that?!!! Ugh!!!

  3. She has to put down weight loss surgery because no one will buy her crappy meal replacement shakes if they get it.

    She wasn't selling Shakeology, was she?

  4. I have never been a fan of liquid type diets, where you drink your food. Or fast for so long etc, they just do not work .
    No the stuff she was selling is called body by Vi ? Never heard of it .