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Friday, January 23, 2015

8 months update

Its been about 8 months since my second revision surgery ( Sleeve to RNY) . Over all i feel pretty good. At my 6 month post op visit my doc was happy with my weight loss and weight at this point , although I am not so much . He was more concerned about how I felt over all and my general well being than my weight loss. Since my band surgery nearly 10 yrs ago I have not felt this good in a long long time ( since before my band complications ) Doc would like me to loose another 20 pds in the next year I would like to loose 40 but he said with the surgeries i have had and now my body is "use" to loosing weight I would have to WORK HARD to loose the 40 . 20 would make me pretty happy at this point .
The one issue I have been fighting since surgery is MAJOR gastro issues. I do not think alot of people talk about this but what the hell i will ! Since the last surgery I have to have BM's with in 30 minutes of eating a meal, they come frequent, loose and often ! Along with that I have sever bloating, cramping and diarrhea . So i took it upon myself to see a Gastro doc . He about a month ago put me on the low FODmap diet as well as diagnosed me with IBS. Since starting the FODmap diet my symptoms are 75% better . Less frequent and urgent BM's less cramping, bloating and pain . I am also on a pro biotic ( Culterelle ) and was given a RX for Hyocsyamine a med to help with cramping and bloating after a meal . So over all, all of these things are helping a ton .

I have slacked MAJORLY on my working out and exercise since the holidays. My son had a minor health issue over the holidays and the stress got to me . I KNEW better and KNEW i should have kept working out but did not ! So Im trying to get back into it again but starting over what i did before, starting off walking and will work my way back to the Y Next month !

Over all i feel good . Weight loss wise im a bit disappointed in but I am not gaining which is good !
Its still a work in progress !

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