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Monday, March 7, 2011

Blush T Shirt Extender Review # 2

I have been wearing this nearly every day now since I got them ( about a week or 2 ago) and I really like them.

For some reason the black one is tighter than the other ones I got but I like it.

They work 2 different ways depending on what the size is you got and how they fit.
(at least for me )

If you get the larger one ( the white one for me ) the work as a cover up if you will for your gap in your jeans and so when you bend over and reach up no skin or muffin top pops out . Or if you have shirts that are too short and you do not want all of the above to happen . All good things . All things I looked for and all reasons why I ordered them.

The black one , since it is a bit tighter , does all of the above AND works as a tummy control garment as well . The white one does as well but just a little bit. The smaller sized ones really suck you in . (I will post a picture in a bit of a good example ) If you do not position them in just the right spot , the smaller size can tend to ride or roll down , but once you find the right spot they tend to stay.

So I think I might order a smaller size in the white and a larger size in the black so i have one of each in each size . LOL

Does that review make sense ? LOL

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