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My name is Mindy and I am a wife and mother of 2 boys, Ages 20 and 12. I recently started on the path of becoming a nurse something i have wanted to do since i was 11 !

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Why is weight loss w/ out surgery so " inspirational" ?

I was watching one of the morning show's today and they had a lady on that lost over 500 lbs. Inspirational how ever she did it . But the intro to her story was this " Next we have so and so who lost over 500 lbs WITH OUT Any surgery she did it the "Natural " Way , so inspirational " !
I have seen this before on other shows. Why is it that those of us who have had surgery are discounted , made out that we took the "easy" way out because we had surgery ?
So is my 125 pound weight loss any less " inspirational " than someone who did it w/ diet and exercise ? It just really ticks me off that the media portrays it that way . Its no wonder people treat WLS patients as taking the "Easy Way " out .

For years I have always thought WLS should NOT have to be a last resort. Why should you have to wait until you have tried everything under the sun, gained and lost , gained and lost ( Which BTW is harder on your body and worse for your body that just being fat ) to do something about it ?
Diets done work , they have proven that . So why does Weight Loss Surgery have to be last ? Why do people have to be so damn desperate , be on the verge of death , on the verge of getting diseases , deadly diseases to do something about it ?

Someone I know told me last week her daughter was considering the lap band. She is in her early 30's and over 200 pounds. Another Weight loss surgery patient told her " If i were you I would wait until your OLDER to do it " WTF are you talking about ? WAIT , Why ? so you get fatter, you cant do more things w/ your kids , you are more miserable for a longer period of times and you have a better chance of getting a disease like diabetes, high blood pressure etc ? I told her that was the dumbest shit I have ever heard !

So for everyone who thinks I took the easy way out i have this to say ! If going under the knife for over an hour , recovering from surgery , not being able to eat solid foods for 6 weeks, having to totally change not only what I eat but HOW I eat is the "easy" way out well then I guess that's what I did. If having surgery BEFORE I had a stroke, before I got a life changing disease, before I could not longer get my ass up to play with my children , go to their graduation , go to their football games and most of all be around to see them grow up is the easy way out . Ok I took the easy way out . Just because you THINK I or anyone else did not work as hard to lose my weight does not mean we did not ! So If that's easy , then I did it the easy way !!!!


  1. Hey Mindy, Glad you're back. I've been gone for a while as well. I don't know if you remember, but my band slipped as well and did a complete unfil in Dec, went back in Jan band fixed itself and we put in a small fill of 3.5 (i think) I don't have any restriction, but I've been keeping my weight within five pounds of my original low of 160. I feel good about that, but made an appt. to get a fill on May 11th. I too am afraid of a slip again and can't afford to keep going in for fills. Best of luck to you with your fill, when are you going?

  2. Hi loosing , how are you ! I do remember you . Im glad to see you are maintaining right now . I hope to get another fill in the next few weeks . Im under alot of stress right now and having the tendency to eat junk, so i really need it now !
    email me if you need to talk anytime!

  3. People tell me I'm inspirational so not everyone is a doofus. :D

    The thing is, I didn't have surgery to lose weight -- I've done that tons of times. I had it to keep it off. They always interview these people right after they lose their weight and not two years later when they've gained it all back.

  4. Mac I TOTALLY agree w/ you . I too ( one reason ) had the surgery to keep the weight off. granted its 2 yrs later and I have put some back on but i'll take 20 pounds over 200 anyway ( had not quite thought about it that way until now thanks ! )
    People tell me im an inspiration as well , I dont feel that some times. I think we are all inspirations !