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Monday, March 7, 2011

T shirt Extender Pictures 2

T shirt Extender Off

T shirt Extender On

I wanted to show y'all the difference w/ the Blush T shirt Extender on w/ this shirt.
Why ? This is one of my favorite shirts, I have not worn it in over a year because of the weight I have gained. The shirt is very thin, so any kind of muffin top shows very badly . Also I have very thin yoga pants on in this pic.

I had this shirt on this weekend w/ the extender and someone told me " looking good dropping those pounds huh !" Im wearing this thing all the time LMAO !!
I hope you can see a difference, I know I can in person .

(excuse my dirty mirror )


  1. Can tell! Looks good! And your review made perfect sense. :)

  2. Thank you Senorita !! I really do like these things ! I wish I had found them a long time ago !

  3. I want to order this and wish I would have from Daily Grommet when you initially posted. I need some help with my muffin top!!!

  4. Kerri, are they not having that sale anymore ?

  5. Kerri, They are still having the sale FYI

  6. I see it, you look so smooth with it on. I really need one!!

  7. You should order at least one Rashell to at least try and see how you like it !

  8. I just ordered mine and I appreciate you posting this it helps for sure