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Friday, July 2, 2010

Benefit for Cheyenne and Josh Please help if you can !

Cheyenne Bauer is a beautiful sweet 12 yr old little girl. In July of 2009 she was diagnosed with a very rare, very aggressive form of Cancer called Rhabdomysarcoma. Cheyenne underwent Chemo Therapy and Radiation treatments and the Cancer went into remission in August 2009. In June 2010 after starting to have seizures, after many tests the doctors determined the Cancer came back. The tumor is now from one end of her spine to the other and is wrapped around her spine. Her condition is now inoperable. The doctors have also found positive cancer cells in her spinal fluid. Cheyenne’s Cancer has been renamed Parameningeal Rhabdomyosarcoma because they have not seen a case like Cheyenne’s before. Cheyenne is currently undergoing radiation to try and shrink and or kill the tumors. On June 29, 2010, the Radiation treatments were stopped until July 6th to give her body a rest. She will have 4 Radiation treatments remaining once they begin again. Cheyenne’s friends, family, and doctors have not given up yet, everyone is fighting and praying for Cheyenne’s Miracle, just as Cheyenne is. Cheyenne has remained faithful to her lord and is a strong fighter.

Cheyenne’s dad Josh Bauer needs help with everyday living expenses in order to continue to stay with his daughter and comfort her. He has not been able to work for the past 2 months and his income has been cut to 30%. He lives and works in Houston, Texas, but Cheyenne is being cared for in a Tulsa, Oklahoma hospital. Some of Josh’s close friends and fellow high school alumni are putting together this benefit to help the family with any expenses that are needed, please help us raise money by donating items for Josh and Cheyenne so that he is able to stay with his sweet girl to comfort her during her painful battle with this terrible disease. Any item donated will help raise money during a BBQ, raffle, or silent auction during the benefit.

Please post this anywhere you can .
Please contact Mindy at if you can donate an item for the auction can advertise for the event or wish to make a donation .
For more information please see the facebook page for the event Cheyenne Bauer's Day of Hope

Thank you

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  1. Hey mindy... I just found your blog. I was banded March 23rd, 2010...It's a wonderful thing you are doing helping to get he word out and get donations for this family. You are truly inspirational. *Maria*-Blogger from "This one time at Band Camp..." Check out my blog at