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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Here It comes again ?

What ever this is that is wrong with me , Crohns Disease what ever ... Its flaring up again I think. I have been having some issues w/ my bowels ( sorry TMI ) for the last few days. Mainly stomach hurting when I eat . Today and yesterday slowly my hands and feet started to go numb , my bicep area is starting to "stiffen " up and get achy so is my neck and shoulders . So I am wondering if this is not a flare up of what ever is going on with me. I still have not gone to the Gastro , i will try to get there this week .If I am having a flare up , might be better to get there when I am having issues.

I find it interesting I have gone almost 35 years with out any of these issues .( Besides the gastro issues) and now I am having all these issues close together.
Its interesting why all of a sudden the arthritis issues have come up ?

Oh well it is what it is.

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