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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Where my heart has been :

Sorry I have been off here for a long time. My heart has been very heavy for the last few weeks. My last post was about the benefit for Cheyenne and Josh Bauer . 3 days before the benefit Cheyenne passed . It was a very tough thing for all of us working on the benefit and those of us who love her daddy Josh and who love Cheyenne.
But from some strength with in him that I do not know how he did it , Josh was at the benefit ! I would like to share with you some images from the benefit and share why Cheyenne has not only changed my life but so many others. I have decided to do what I can for whom ever I can to help in any way I can for children with cancer. This has got to stop . Cancer has got to stop . Cheyenne touched my life in more ways than I can count and the only thing i can do is try to do what i can for others for her.
Not only did the benefit raise enough money to help Josh get back on his feet it brought together old high school friends, and gave me 2 new friends who I will probably have for the rest of my life. Susan and Britney ( Pictured w/ me above) I will cherish their friendship and what we did together for the rest of my life. Thank you CHEYENNE For bringing them into my life !
Here is a new story that was done on the benefit and Josh and Cheyenne.

Here are some amazing pictures that an amazing woman Juanita did for the benefit. She turned them into this great video that makes me smile every time i see it !

Cancer SUX ! Fight like a girl !

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