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Friday, March 6, 2009

Tips for Adding More Fiber to your Diet

I got this from

I have IBS and my mom was hospitalized a few yrs ago and nearly died from an upper and lower bowel obstruction that was caused in part by IBS. My doc has told me to get more fiber in my diet. BUT with the band its a little harder now .
He told me if i do not i run the risk of the same thing happening as my mother AND he will put me on meds for my IBS. So this is helpful, thought someone else could use it .
Here ya go :

Special thanks to everyone who entered our SuperSeed product giveaway by answering our question: How are you and your family incorporating fiber into your diet?

We received so many great answers – we just wanted to share some of your best ideas! (Due to the number of responses, we could not share all of your great comments. Please check out the original and complete user comments on the original article here)
1. Eat lots of raw whole foods

“We eat lots of raw whole foods with their skins on. Lots of whole grains, minimally processed breads, crackers, cereals, rice etc. I add flax seed to my homemade pancakes, banana bread and waffles. My son loves cinnamon so I have pre-made mixture that i sprinkle on his waffles (rather than syrup or powdered sugar) that is 1/2 cinnamon, 1/4 raw turbinado and 1/4 milled flax seed. yummy its great is oatmeal too!”
- Submitted by Lisa
2. Sneak veggies into your meals

“I have to sneak veggies into my meals…so I pull out the food processor and finely chop onions, celery, carrots, zucchini and mushrooms. This mixture goes into my spaghetti sauce, chili, meatballs, turkey burgers, meatloafs…anything made with ground meat. It not only add the needed fiber/veggies but it’s tastier, moister and more tender too!”
- Submitted by Kathie S

3. Make sure you get your fiber

“I’m all about making sure I get my fiber. The day typically starts w/ old-fashioned oatmeal w/ Berries (strawberries or blueberries). Spinach salad for lunch w/ some diced raw celery or carrots in it + lean protein. A GREAT snack are the sunsweet individually wrapped prunes, always have ‘em in my desk drawer to ward off the afternoon sweet tooth! And din-din is fish or chix w/ broccoli & cauliflower mix. And we (my fiance and I ) are both heavy TV Snackers so it’s Hummus+sugar snap peas or avacado mashed w/ a touch of salsa to top some baked organic whole grain chips.”
-Submitted by Stacy S.
4. Get rid of “white” food

We have gotten rid of every white food in the house. We went with the rule “White is not right” So we now eat brown rice, whole wheat breads and pastas, even the sugar is now raw and….you guessed it, brown.
-Submitted by Kelly Sullivan
5. Try flavored powder mixes

Provided the many sources of fiber, it isn’t as hard to have your recommended dose of fiber! For the younger generation (including myself), there are sugar-free Fiber-One flavored powder mixes (Raspberry Tea, Kiwi Strawberry, or plain) that comes in individual packets. Just mix the packets in a bottle of water, drink 3x a day, and there’s nearly 40% of your daily fiber.
-Submitted by Eliz
6. A morning smoothie recipe

“I, like many others, am incorporating fiber into my diet by the use of fiber rich Mila Seed as well as morning fruit smoothies consisting of:

* Two scoops of Ruth’s Hemp Foods Certified Organic Hemp Protein Power with Sprouted Flax and Maca
* 1 pint blueberries
* handful strawberries
* 2 scoops plain yogurt
* half a cup Pomegranate & Acai juice
* 1 packet of frozen Acerola Cherry
* 1 fresh lemon”

-Submitted by Casandra
7. Diet for Gluten Sensitivity

“We have always eaten a high fiber diet. However, being recently diagnosed with gluten sensitivity, I am having to make some changes. We eat lots of fresh fruits and veggies, beans, lentils and brown rice. Amaranth has become our morning meal, sprinkled with chia, sesame seeds, walnuts and some maple syrup. YUM! Quinoa vegetable soup is a new favorite. Roasted sweet potatoes with tofu and homemade teriyaki glaze sprinkled with sesame seeds is a supper favorite. Black Rice coconut pudding is a simple, tasty high fiber dessert. Experiment a little!”
-Submitted by Jamie C
8. Juice it!

“We recently bought a juicer so we can incorporate more fruits and vegetables into our diet. Our daughter isn’t much of a fan of spinach, but when it’s juiced with apples it’s her favorite drink.”
-Submitted by Melissa
9. Salad Ideas

“We have been grinding up flax seed and putting it on salads & cereal. We are eating more salads, a favorite of which has been spinach salad with grated raw beets & carrots with orange slices & walnuts. I’ve been sprouting wheat berries and putting them in our homemade whole grain bread.”
-Submitted by Cheryl
10. Pretty Jars

“Basically, I put pretty jars on the counter each with something healthy in them ie sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, walnuts, and pumpkin seeds - and try to add something from a jar to every meal. Even a small amount of seeds in a smoothie or on cereal can make a difference, pumpkin seeds on whole wheat bread w/ almond butter, a handful of nuts with a piece of fruit. By keeping the jars on the counter in easy reach (and the ‘junk food’ tucked away in a harder to reach spot) - we tend to go for what’s easier most of the time and have the ‘junk food’ rarely as a snack/treat.”
-Submitted by Susan


  1. Omg, I am SO glad you posted this!! I too have noticed an irregularity since being banded. Because the primary focus is on protein, the veggies and other fiber-rich foods are secondary. I am not getting enough, for sure. I eat tons of salads now, but I know they are not fiber sources.

    I will bookmark this and use it religiously!! Thanks, Mindy!

  2. I need to follow my own advice. I have not been good at this lately and have been paining for it.
    My stomach is killing me today !
    So i need to do some of these myself !

  3. Ok Beth, So i picked up Metamucill pink lemonade today . My mom says it tastes just like lemonade. So we'll see !