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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Just keep Swimming .... right ?

I have had a rough week or so lately . I have been very frustrated again with my weight loss. I have been in a funk lately . A lot going on personally and I feel like this weight is never going to come off.
I saw my doc at work and he's not worried about me , but I feel like these last 40-50 lbs are never going to come off. They say you loose the most weight in the first year . WELL my year is almost up !
I go on vacation next week , once i get back Im going to see my nutritionist at the docs office and try to start working out more. In order for me to work out more , more days I'll have to go before or after work . Which is fine for most but i work 12 hour shifts, so that means going on 5 am or 8pm . Neither of which appeals to me AT ALL ! I thought maybe try walking at night when i get home at least.

I have been doing accuputure for about a month now and it seems to help a little bit. I feel like I am hungry all the time . The acupuncture seems to help a bit with that. I have 2 more sessions that i pre paid for then will see how it goes.

Just venting thanks !


  1. Ah, yes life tends to get in the way of the perfect eating plan doesn't it? I hope you have a great vacation and then you can focus on getting back to basics when you return home!

  2. For the hunger, how's your PPI?

  3. i have ben taking a ppi for a while. not sure it works great, I may need a stronger one

  4. I never really studied up on the sleeve, but I was hoping/praying/thinking that having that done would also stunt the hunger. Apparently not. I'm sorry to hear that, hon. :(

  5. The PPI I take works for the most part, if i don't take it its REALLY bad, i go to the doc for my year check up next week I am going to ask hi if he thinks a RX strength one would help ?