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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Lap Band, Sleeve, Bypass .... Repeat Revision

A quick update on what is going on with me. (read about the last update here )After getting an upper GI we learned that my sleeved stomach is too larger, larger than it should be. After talking to my doctor and my husband for what the best next step was for me , it was decided I would try to get approval for gastric bypass. Bypass was chosen for a few reasons. I have PCOS which puts me at danger for diabetes, PCOS is also one of the main reasons I am over weight. Long term I feel like this is the best choice for me. Bypass will help me get to my goal and stay there. Now people may understandably think i am NUTS for even considering a third weight loss surgery . However, this was given great thought. Long term for my health its what needs to be done . I have never been a fan of bypass. Seems most people I know who have had bypass gain thier weight back . I will have the best of both worlds when it comes to surgeries. Because my stomach is already sleeved , the stretchy part of the stomach is done. So the risk of eating threw the bypass or stretching the stomach is not there. I also believe I need the mal absorption of bypass to help me with weight gain .

When my surgery was sent to insurance i thought this was a HUGE long shot to get approved.
However I was surprised to learn this week , the surgery was APPROVED ! I go see the doctor next week , the surgeon who did my sleeve does not do bypass so his associate will be doing the surgery.

I have been told I am crazy for doing this .. however I believe that I had to go through all this with surgery after surgery to get to where I am now. Bypass , a virgin bypass I do not think would have worked for me , however A sleeved stomach bypass I believe will work for me. I guess things work out the way they are suppose to .

I will find out hopefully next week when surgery is. I am hoping to have it towards the end of May.
I will keep you updated ! !!!
Thanks !

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  1. great news that the insurance came through! So many times that is not the case. I dont think that you need to justify what kind of surgery you ar revising to or how many time you have to get it done to get it right. You are doing what you need to help yourself, and there is a lot of pride and power in that. Many people don't choose change. :)