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My name is Mindy and I am a wife and mother of 2 boys, Ages 20 and 12. I recently started on the path of becoming a nurse something i have wanted to do since i was 11 !

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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Updates and honesty !

It has been a while since I have updated the blog. So i thought I would go over a few things.
First as you know I have had chronic migraines since i was 11 yrs old. I get 15-18 migraines a month.
A few months ago they were really out of hand, due to not having insurance for 7 yrs the only thing I could do was treat them when I got them . Now that we have insurance I was able to go see a new Neurologist , who is amazing by the way . The end of December I got my first round of botox treatment for migriaines , to prevent them . I got around 30 injections on my forehead, behind my ears, the back of my neck and down my shoulders. I was "Warned" the botox may take a treatment or 2 to really work . Well to my amazment it worked the first treatment and I have only had 5 migraines in the last 60 days. ( I Had 3 this week I think the botox is wearing off now ) So I will go back in March for another round ! But I am VERY Happy with the results !!!

Now for my weight loss. I was hoping to get my migraines under control so i could then start to work out . However the weather here in Texas has been NUTS . So I have not gotten out much lately .
That being said , I will be 100% honest with those of you reading this ... Because I think its important if your considering revision to know ALL of the facts. I have lost 40 lbs in over a year.. Not to bad BUT Weight loss surgery wise its not good . 30 of those pounds came off the first 30 days.
I dont want to go into too much detail right now .. we are waiting to find out more . However the doc is concerened something is not right . My stomach maybe too large or something, Its not "Normal" to have not lost much weight . SO I will have an upper GI next week to find out if anything is going on . Its not anything bad he does not think but he wants to find out why i am able to eat as much as I can .
There is where the honesty comes in . IF I am trying to be good and eat what i should in the amount I should I can EASILY eat 4 oz of food , protein and an hour later be hungry again !
IF I am being bad , like I was the other day I at nearly an ENTIRE Wendys Hamburger and some fries ! NOT normal for someone who had the stomach the size of a highlighter, Or suppose to have a stomach that larger !
 I feel like I am a bottomless  pit when it comes to what i can eat . Similar to what I felt like before surgery . I agree with my surgeon when he says lets not set around and wait for you to gain more weight back before we do something, OH Yeah i forgot to mention I have gained 9 lbs in 3 months !

So I will update more when I find out more . To be honest I was not going to make this public, the upper GI ect , but I feel its important to be honest with everyone who reads my blog, those who
are thinking of surgery , have had it etc . To be honest is what people need ! Including being honest with myself !

Thanks for reading !

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