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Monday, March 10, 2014

Revision on my Revsion ?

I took this pictures at my docs office last time i was there,
You can see how the sleeve is done  

Gastric bypass. You can see in this how it would be "easy to bypass" after the sleeve.

Today I saw my surgeon about the results of my Upper GI i had done a few weeks ago .
We were trying to see if my stomach was too big , larger than it should be after my revision surgery.
I am able to eat WAY too much . It was hard to determine for myself if I was eating too much on my own of my stomach was just too big .

So my stomach is indeed too larger, larger than what it should be  . It was not surprising to him when I told him I was able to eat an entire hamburger based on the size of my stomach ( I forgot to ask him just HOW big it was )

My options :
1. Do nothing. Not really an option for me ... The fact that I have PCOS (poly cystic ovarian syndrome) puts me at risk for diabetes and stroke as well as the fact that I am regaining weight
already .

2. Re Sleeve my sleeve, meaning make my stomach smaller than it is, the size it should be .

3. Have Gastric Bypass surgery

So in other words my options are surgery . My docs office is checking to see what if anything my insurance will pay for . My doc was not too worried, he seemed to think that it would not be an issue, the insurance coordinator at the office however, was not as sure .

Another issue I have is that my surgeon cant do bypass .. however his colleges can . He assured me however he would help in the OR to be sure I was safe, which means a TON to me .
Hubs and I are going to talk about it this week , But at this point I am leaning towards bypass.
I am not a fan of gastric bypass ... Virgin bypass patients have a tendency to gain weight back . However I will have a sleeved stomach on top of bypass. This is appealing to me, the portion of my stomach that is left is the portion that does not stretch ... so bypass to me seems like the best of both worlds !

I am frustrated about the fact that I may need a third weight loss surgery . I feel in some ways like a failure . In other ways I am relieved that there is a "reason " behind my issues . This seems like a never ending process for me . But maybe I had to go through all this to get to the end result ? I am not sure how I feel about this all yet.

Now .. A big question I am sure .. WHY is your stomach larger than it should be  ? Well we are not sure . I have my own theories about this .

My Theory
 When I had my revision surgery my stomach was damaged , inflamed from the band, the damage the band caused. When the band was removed and I was revised the stomach then relaxed and relaxed more than it should have !
Now there is much debate about weather revision surgery is best done in one or two surgeries.
The reasoning behind 2 surgeries is that it allows the stomach to heal before sleeving it .
Well, I use to think it did not matter. However, I am now starting to think surgery in 2 procedures is a better option .


To anyone who was revised from band to sleeve and feel like its not working , you can eat too much , you never felt like you got any restriction have your stomach size checked ! This maybe an issue for you too !

Anyway ...I am not sure what I will be doing yet. A lot depends on what insurance will pay for if anything.

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