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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

It gets better

Its been about 7 months since my revision surgery . I go for my post op appt tomorrow.
I have seen some newbies on different message boards etc talking about how awful the first few weeks are and wish they had not had the sleeve or the revision .
I want to just let them know , IT GETS BETTER. It really does.
I think after revision surgery especially its harder. I went from the lap band to the sleeve. One of the most difficult things to get use to post op was how much MORE i could eat and realize it was ok.
I had become use to eating so little , throwing up and not being able to eat hardly anything with the band a cup or two of food seemed like MASSIVE amounts and it freaked me out .

Just like any life altering event , it takes time. My doc calls it buyers remorse. People freak out after their surgery , they think they will never be able to eat again , they won't be able to drink again . Just hang in there and remember it gets better.
Ask questions, take it slow and remember that you just had major surgery relax and take it one day at a time !!

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  1. I'm glad to know it's going well for you! I'm going to peruse your site and see if you have posted any pics. Has it REALLY been seven months!? WOW! So far, out of the group of us who used to chat online, I think more than half have lost their bands (some having gotten revisions to some other weight loss surgery). Kinda scary stats...