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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My thoughts on the Biggest Loser

Ok ya'll can smack me , flame me , disown me off the blog sphere for this one . BUT I have some thoughts on the biggest loser. I caught it tonight for the first time in a long time.
Over all I like the show, i think it can be a great motivator , starter to lose weight. And most of ya'll should know ( if you don't i will say it now ) that I do NOT think that WLS is the only way someone can lose weight nor do i think that the Band is the ONLY surgery that works. Lifestyle change and working out works for some too.
Now, that being said, here are my issues with TBL. Its JUST NOT REALISTIC .
Ok here is why .. First off these people are working out 24/7 basically while they are there.
Ok fine, i can deal with that. But my biggest issue w/ TBL ... The weight loss.
Tonight someone lost 30 LBS in a WEEK . Are you freaking kidding me ? That's not even "Normal" for someone with bypass . I am not even sure its HEALTHY not to mention when someone else comes along and their "totals' add up to more, the guy who lost 30 lbs in a WEEK is disappointed and that number was no longer Good enough for him . What does that teach people ?
What does it teach people who are sitting at home wanting to change and they lose 3lbs in a week ( which is awesome) ? They are surely going to be disappointed . These people are losing DOUBLE Digit amounts of weight in a week . Its just not realistic.
THEN for that to not be "good enough " ! How sad !

I think this show is sending the wrong message . If your going to do a show like this lets be realistic . Make it realistic so people at home have something real to go by . Not this bullshit of losing 10,15, 25, 35 pounds in ONE WEEK. Correct me if I'm wrong , but i have yet to see anything on the show, a disclaimer that says " THIS WEIGHT LOSS IS NOT TYPICAL " Because we are working their ass's off 24/7 !

Im curious what others think of it ?
comments ?


  1. I totally, totally agree with everything you have said. Our Australian version is about to start in February and it is couples this year! Having said that.... I just can't resist watching it!!! It's kind of like a car crash and you can't look away!!

  2. If I was working my ass 24/7 in a gym, with a trainer that kicks the shit out of me all the time and add to that, having someone to teach me what to eat, I also would lose 100 pounds in what? 6 months? but yes, it is not the real situation of life.. in the real mccoy, you have to integrate exercise and healthy eating between your busy life, kids, work, etc.. totally different scenario than in the biggest loser camp. Ok, KUDOS for them to take the weight off.. but to keep it.. THATS the most important part. Recently I saw Matt from season 2 or 3? (the one that got married to Suzie) and he seems to have gained a lot of the weight back.. maybe I am wrong, but that was my impression. Weight loss takes a whole deal of sacrifice.. not only losing it.. but keeping it is more difficult than losing it. believe me, been there done that all my life!

  3. Exactly! 30 lbs in one week? That is completely dangerous! I didn't catch that one! What about those young, impressionable girls who are watching!
    To be honest, I am not a regular viewer. However, my 17 year old daughter (who is very fit, exercises regularly and is nutrition conscious) and I caught it recently. I am not sure if it was an old episode or a recent one. However, most of the contestants we saw had lost over
    10 lbs in one week! The first thing she said was "did you ever hear of anyone losing that much weight in one week? Wonder how they did that!" My point exactly...
    I guess it makes for good TV watching and that's about it!

  4. I had heard that one of the male winners had gained all their weight back , I am not sure which one it was. Something one of the trainers said was the contestants get caught up in the competition of the show and work and work to "win" to get the weight off , then win they go home they have learned nothing and the weight comes back on .
    I just wish they would do a realistic show like that ? SHow people how to do it in "real" life.
    I wonder of all the people who have been on taht show how many have kept the weight off ?
    The one that dropped 30lbs in one week was the young boy . Or one of the younger boys. He weights over 450 pds. Hes' the largest person they have had on there.
    Its sad that if he does not lose 30 more pds each week he will be disappointed.

  5. ah you know, 30 lb in one week is not dangerous for someone who weighs that much. the more you weight, the more you lose. The contestants are so huge that they're capable of losing that amount of weight in a week. makes for great television. They'll never have a show where regular people try to lose pounds because that would be completely depressing. Imagine... no screaming coach, no competition, no fabulous prize... shit I wouldn't watch it! :-)

  6. I do agree. The most I ever lost in a week was 14 lbs. BUT I also walked 57 miles that week.... so that was what made the difference. After I lost 120 lbs by walking and eating right, life stepped in and I gained it all back. I can see how they loose those large amounts, one they are really big people and they have been sedentary. Well, get them up and moving and their body freaks out! I know mine did! LOL And I do agree, it is hard not to watch just to see what they do. But I also agree for the average person it isn't realistic and these young girls who want to be pencil thin are watching this show and thinking that can happen for them.

  7. yep totally agree! In australia we have what they call water loading going on also they have said they'd never seen this in other countries - trust the aussies to find the lazy way out! Well, what they do is if someone has immunity that week they will drink HEAPS of water and not go to the toilet before they weigh in so they can actually gain weight. So the next week low and behold they lose 20 pounds! and they are the heros and stars of the show! and the next week they lose 5 pounds and its all about the disappointment! I cant hack it personally and if you watch the catch up shows like on Oprah their long term success rate is very low especially of course in australia. I'm all for the long term here, I know for a fact any one of us could lose 5 or 10 pounds easily but keep it off? thats another story! (that before banding that is). You go Mindy, not gonna smack you for that one!

    And yes, I think the more you weigh the more you lose. It *^%$$ me when people start getting pissy because they dont lose as much as they did when they weighted twice as much!