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Thursday, June 13, 2013

7 months post op Visit. Eat More weight less !

1 week post op (November 2012) 

7 months post op . 40 lbs down
Taken today 

I saw my surgeon today for my 6 month follow up appt . ( 7 really ) I was concerned he might not like that i have only lost 7 pounds in the last 3 months. He was happy with the way things were going . 
Turns out he wants me to eat MORE ! I was trying to get in 800-900 calories a day , He said that is NOT NEAR enough for how active i am now . He wants me to be between 1200-1500 a day . Closer to 1500 on days I am at the gym . While that seems great its going to be a little hard to get in that many calories, but I will try !! 

I also spoke to him about my vitamins .. i can't seem to find any that don't give me migraines. Since my lab work looks great he said not to worry about it , try to get in some when i can if I can . Once i start eating more my levels will probably get better.  

He said I look good , healthy and happy , he can tell I have lost lots of inches so he's happy with my progress. I go back in September and that will be my last of my every 3 month visits, I'll then go every 6 months ! 

Over all I am pretty happy with how things are going. 


  1. The difference is so evident :) Keep going :) Glad things are going well for you!

  2. Hi! Glad to have stumbled upon your blog! I was wondering if you feature guest postings. Thanks and have a great day!

  3. Hannah, email me what you have in mind .