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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Low Tolerance ?

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Disclaimer ( This is not about any one particular person and no one that reads this blog )
For BULLSHIT ? Ok So im a little annoyed right now . Not really at any one person , really a few people . Im in need of a desperate break right now, I had a very bad day . Had a shitty week last week w/ my kitty cat dying.
A little background in case you dont know ... My husband is working out of town , he comes home when he can , usually once a week or so . The last 2 weeks he's been home 2 days. So between the cat situation , every day life shit and kids ect I have had it , I just need a break. My youngest son is a great kid, very smart, BUT he's very high maintenance . I think he's like me and can be a little OCD he gets something in his head and does not shut up about it until its done or knows when its going to be done. So I need a break , as much as I love him I need a break !
So today some things just irritated the SHIT out of me and I thought i would share them . (So glad i started this blogging thing its very useful in many ways LOL )
I have a very low tolerance for a few things. And I mean a VERY low tolerance for a few things.
1. Weak people. More specifically weak helpless women .
2. People who complain ALL THE FREAKING TIME
3. People who do not want to help themselves .
4. LIARS and Back Stabbers

So I know some people who basically complain all the damn time about their issues, yet do not want to help themselves, are weak , cant do anything for themselves you know the "poor pitiful me Shit " . I complain , I need help sometimes, everyone does. Im not talking about that. Im talking about EVERY FREAKING time you talk to someone their is something freaking wrong w/ them. They are sick, they dont feel good, they are tired ect ect. You know the question " so how are you today ? " SOMETIMES JUST SAY FINE HOW THE HELL ARE YOU ? " I Dont want to hear that you have not SHIT IN 4 freaking days !!!!!
SERIOUSLY !!! I love my friends, I will do anything for them , they all know that. But come on !
Like i said before none of them read my blog so I can bitch here in secret LOL

Also , my BIG BIG BIG pet peeve is back stabbers. I am someone who will do anything for anyone . I am loyal to my friends. So dont be a 2 faced bitch and stab me in the back by betraying me or my confidence , especially when there is no damn reason for it just because you are a combo of ALL 4 of my peeves above !!!!

can you tell i have had a bad day ?
Shit, i have had a bad week or 2 . But I really needed to vent !!!!
Feel free to leave comments that I am being a bitch ! I can take it !!!


  1. As a self-proclaimed "I'm a bitch. Deal with it." there is nothing wrong with what you posted. I think we all have some self-absorbed friends that at times forget to see beyond themselves. With all that has been going on, I'm sure there are some visual clues and body language that your clueless friend(s) could have picked up on. At least your blog is your safe place to go vent! But rest assured, you are far from a bitch!

  2. Aww Thanks Fluffy , I appreciate it.

  3. I hate it when people ask "how are you" and then start telling you about their problems. Why ask if you really don't care. I envy you in being able to vent like you do. I stuff it! Not good, you said what you needed to say and I bet you feel better. That is not being a bitch, it is dealing with your feelings! Take care.

  4.'re not being a bitch...sounds pretty normal to me!! Sometimes, no matter how good a friend/relative they are, you just want to reach out and smack their farking face so hard it sends them the cone of silence!! Just tell them that being unstable and crabby is all part of your mystique!:)

  5. ROFLMAO NOLA wow i thought i was reading my own comment there for a second you sound like me !!!
    thanks your too funny

  6. Sooo... should I not tell you I haven't shit in 4 days? :D

    I know, bad me. I slapped my hand for ya. :P

  7. WOMAN dont make me come beat you ! LOL