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My name is Mindy and I am a wife and mother of 2 boys, Ages 20 and 12. I recently started on the path of becoming a nurse something i have wanted to do since i was 11 !

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Monday, November 26, 2012

Update 12 Days Post op

12 days post op and the road is still a little curvy and bumpy . I have lost 14 pounds in 12 days which is crazy ! Before people say anything about that , like " that's not healthy" its normal at this stage in the game. Im going to try to take supplements today for the first time .. Normally people are on supplements and vitamins by this point so its not as unhealthy . But the weight I have lost is par for the course when it comes to Sleeve patients post op .

Im still taking a step forward and maybe a step and a half back . Yesterday I had some refried beans but had to take some nasea meds right after to make sure i did not throw it up . So i just tried that once. I just ate some again today and so far I feel ok. Eating or I should say drinking at night after about 7 is still not a good idea for some reason . It does not set well with me .

Today I am very tired, overly tired .. Again I hear this is " normal" for this stage in the game but I am very ready to feel better again .

I  go to the doc for a post op visit on Thursday and im  hoping he can give me some more insight on helping me progress my diet along ..


  1. YAY! looks like you are doing well. Transitioning is hard - I had some trouble with the pured foods when I tried to eat too much. Its hard (hilariously) to eat consistantly, in the amount that you can handle!

    Get those vitamins in ya, they are what the body needs, and I hear, help prevent some of the hair loss that is common. :) Looking forwards to following your story!

  2. thanks, I feel like im not making much progress , But i go to my post op Thursday so im hoping the doc can reassure me . I did manage to get some refried beans down today .