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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Blanket Statments about the Lap Band , lets set the record straight

As a person with a lap band who's lap band has failed THEM you hear lots of statements over and over again as we tell our stories about how the band has failed us . Some who have had " good "experiences so far with the band can tend to say we are making blanket statements about the band , that some say they will ALL Fail. To be honest with you I dont know that so I wont say that, I hope they do not. I have several friends and family members who got the bands after I did partly because I had a good experience up until that time. So i would rather them have a good experience and have weight loss success than not and have to go through what I have gone through and also being selfish I dont want to feel guilty if the band fails them !  I only ask this ... If you are thinking about the band you read with an open mind the good and bad . People who have the same bad experience over and over again , it says something .... If you have the band and have had it for less than a year dont come to me or anyone else with the band and say " BUT my band is awesome " My band was awesome at 1 yr out too ! Im not saying give it time , Im just saying get some
 " band time " under your belt FIRST ! The following was posted in a group I am on in response to someone else who made the " blanket statement" statement about us band nay sayers !


A lady posted on XX that she doesn't come there much b/c of the negativity and she hates the blanket statements that some of us make that the band will fail. This is my response to her regarding blanket statements:

I hate blanket statements as well! These are just a few of the ones that get thrown at those of us with FAILED BANDS:

It's just a tool
*NO. Some of you got a "tool". Many of us don't nothing!

You expected a magic wand/bullet
*NO. Most bandsters ONLY expected their bands to work they way it was advertised to work!

It works if you work it
*NO. If you have a band you are obligated to work with it. That is just common sense. However for MANY of us, we did what was required to "work it"..........but it did NO work for us!

We hear these blanket statements CONSTANTLY! Many band cheerleaders automatically ASSume that WE did someting wrong. That WE caused the failure. That WE are responsible for our bands FAILING! There is a post on XX right now by****where she accuse some of us of "abusing our tool". I think I can safely say that there are bandsters out there with failed bands that went above and beyond what many bandsters with "successful" bands did to work with our bands! For some of you, it came very easy b/c your bands worked as advertised. For many of us with failed bands, We tried 10 times as hard as many of you "successful" bandsters to "work with" our bands. The outcome: We got NOTHING. It's not all about what you put into it, b/c if you try to drill holes with a drill that has no drill doesn't matter how long you try to "work with it"'s never going to work!

Now don't get me wrong. I am bitter that my band does not work, but I am thrilled for those of you that were able to get bands that worked. But it would be nice if WE got a little compassion, and if WE were not constantly subjected to accusatory BLANKET STATEMENTS!

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