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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dont Ignore the Scale

This is going to be short as I am on my way to work , But I wanted to write this before I forgot.
I realized as I weighted myself this morning that for the last year I have been ignoring the scale.
When I have a fill and think or know I am losing weight the scale is my friend , but If i know or think I am gaining weight the scale is not and I ignore it .
THAT is a problem ... Why ? Because if I know I am gaining weight I NEED To be weighting myself just as much as when I am losing ( I weight myself daily after fills then I move to weekly ) . If I dont , that is how and when my weight gets out of control.

So I am here to suggest to you all dont ignore the scale . If you feel yourself gaining first go get a fill if you can but if you cant . Weight yourself so you can try to head the weight off before it gets un manageable again . I did the same thing when I was over weight, its honestly probably how I got to 250 lbs. Out of sight out of mind.

DONT IGNORE THE SCALE , even if you do not like the number on it , the scale is your friend.

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