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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Review :Blush T shirt Extenders

( The reason for the 2 different names, they just changed the name to the T shirt extender , some shops did not like the name " topless " so they changed it)
With out Blush T Shirt Extender On

With Blush T Shirt Extender On

HOORAY, My blush T shirt Extenders came in today ! I got the 3 pack from The Daily Grommet for $39.95 w/ free shipping. Great deal.

Let me start off by saying I am reviewing this because as a weight loss surgery patient I wish I had found something like this 4 years ago . I was not given these, Or anything like that. Ever since I had weight loss surgery I have tried all kinds of body shapers and I hated all of them. They either rode up , were too hot , didnt work or all of the above. I wont say I like something If I dont . So I would like to share this info with my other weight loss surgery buds !

First off the material is SOOOOOO Comfortable. I do not like things that are hot, or will make me hot ( even though I am very cold natured now that I lost weight). Its much thinner than a t shirt so it breaths, it stays in place very well. I have been wearing it around the house for about an hour now . (I will wear one to work tomorrow which will tell me a lot , I bend over kneel up and down a lot at work )

To do what I really wanted it to do , which was cover my pants so my back does not show or my muffin top does not show when i raise my hands up ( while at work ) its awesome . I wont have to feel self conscious about my fat flopping out . Or when I bend over having to worry about that "gap" that happens now because jeans are too low and shorts are too high it seems now .

As an added bonus it does seem to smooth out the muffin top !
I ordered a med ( per the size chart ) it fits snug against my skin but moves w/ me really well. I think if I had ordered a small it would better as a Muffin top smoother ( sorry don't know what else to call it LOL) BUT I don't know that I would personally like it that tight ! When I lose more weight I will probably need a small so I'll order it then .

My over all impression so far ... Best thing since sliced bread !


  1. Sounds like a pretty nifty thing to have around. Thanks for sharing!

  2. So far I am liking it Jess, I have a white, black and brown one. I have a few shirts that were long when i bought them , then after washing them shrank up and I wont wear them anymore, so these should fix that. I do not like those body shaper things , the material is too hot for me and living in Texas not practical to wear all the time. These are pretty spiffy !

  3. Looks GREAT! Are they like the belly band that you can get when you are pregnant?

  4. Kerri, Yes they are, the same thing basically .