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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Eating ... Starting Over High Protein

I need to start over in eating, band eating. I noticed in reading a few others blogs that we all seem to have issues, need refreshers from time to time in that.
So I thought I would try to ( TRY being the operative word) post something a couple times a week ( or at least once in a while LOL ) about food.

Today since the band order of eating is Protein, veggies, fruits then starches I'll start w/ foods high in protein.

Because of my issues w/ my stomach I have tried the best I can to avoid red meat and some other meats. Which is making me nearly a vegetarian . Now with the band that is going to be rough because we need protein .

So here are some foods/links/ lists that might help ...

"Best High Protein Foods"

* whey (supplement found in health food stores)
* chicken breast
* turkey breast
* salmon
* tuna
* cottage cheese
* swordfish
* haddock
* lean ground turkey
* round steak
* sirloin steak
* lean ground beef
* orange roughy
* eggs
* pork
* crab
* lobster
* shrimp
* buffalo

Source for above info (

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