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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What if my band is trash ?

I have done a lot of thinking lately . I have not had time to go to the gastro to get an "official " diagnose yet. I hope to in the next few weeks. But as of now I am going by what the rhemtoligst told me which is I most likely have Crohns disease. So that being said, and knowing what I know and knowing what I know about my band I was thinking. One of my problems early on with my band was I was very sensitive to fills and unfills. I would swell quite badly around my esophagus and have to go in and get an unfill after getting a fill. You can read a little about that here . Part of crohns disease is your intestines can become irritated can become inflamed and that's what causes your issues. So what if that goes along with why I had issues with my band early on ? Obviously I will have to discuss this with my gastro doc and my surgeon . However it hit me today ... what if my band is trash?
What if I can no longer get any more fills . Its now going to have to sit in my body and I cant use it , cant get any more fills , I wont be able to get the weight off I have on now and I wont be able to stop any more weight from coming back on .
How screwed up would that be ? How TERRIFYING Is that ? Here I paid $12,000 for this surgery , that gave me my life back and I would have to sit here with it in my body useless ! The thought of it ya'll makes me want to eat !

So due to the stress of me just thinking about this I need to get to the doc soon so they can figure out if i can use my band again ! I have put on about 20 pounds i need to get off.

Here is an explanation of Crohns disease

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  1. I am so sorry to hear about getting diagnosed with Crohns disease, my cousin has it as well. I really hope that you are able to continue to use the Lap Band, as it seems you are motivated to your WLS journey. Best of luck!!!