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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

At Home Laser Hair Removal ..PCOS Up the Treatments !

I had posted a message on the Silk N SensEpil's Facebook page a few days ago asking if anyone knew if you can use the Sense N Sense Epil weekly . Because of my PCOS i know its going to take me a long time to get things rolling on the hair removal. Using it weekly however might just help things move even at an average speed for me.

One of the nice people who run the page answered me and I was VERY happy to find that they said they thought because PCOS cause excessive ( increased) hair growth that it would be ok. She suggested maybe even treating one under arm once a week and the other every other to see what the difference is.
So... I will be doing that. She also asked me if i would be putting pictures up of my progress. I am not sure. Pit pics I might do ! ( gross I know) But facial pics I dont know . I could, its just so embarrassing ! I guess if it works in the long run what does it matter huh ?
What do y'all think . PICS or No pics ?


  1. PICS!!! I have PCOS too. I don't really deal with excessive hair growth but I do have sideburns a bit from waxing my peach fuzz when I was younger. Now I have to tweeze all the time and I hate it! And I get random chin hairs sprouting up every once in a while. If this things works for you I am totally getting one!!!

  2. OH Gawd I was afraid someone was going to ask for them . LOL I tried to take them last night but its hard to get a good pic. I think im going to have to take them this weekend when i stay home after a day or 2 of "Growth" so its easier to see, ( So gross ) I can already tell the hair seems to be getting not as coarse.

  3. yes please it would help us apprecitate any differences...i also have pcos

  4. how much does the Laser Hair Removal cost? can an average person can afford with that??

  5. The machine I am using , the Silk N SenseEpil was about $400 , if you go to a professional , it costs close to $2000 .