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Monday, August 4, 2008

Fills, unfills and total unfills

Fills: Fills are a BREEZE !! Nothing to it . My doc does not even numb me w/ numbing meds .
I no longer have them done under flouroscopy ( XRay ) because he can feel my port under my skin well enough that i do them in the office now . When I was heavier he did them under Flouro to make sure he hit the port. Some people do not like that much , but I do , Its like a mini check up for your band every fill .

Unfills: I have had probably about the same amount of unfills as i have fills. Why ?
I am VERY Sensitive to fills. I am very sensitive to everything apparantly .
If i PB too "hard" I swell quite a bit , it takes longer for me to heal than "normal" and i usually end up w/ a slight unfill.
The upside to this is I also am VERY Sensitive to fills. So a very small fills affects me a lot .
We think this has to do w/ yrs of throwing up from migraines.
But unfills do not have to be feared. Unfills generally put you back to where you "Should have been" to start w/ at your fill level .
So do not stay tight too long you risk your band slipping or causing damage.
I do not like to stay tight and wont stay tight long.

TOTAL UNFILL: I had a total unfill on 6-10-08 due to PBing really bad one time and getting very swollen , I ending up not being able to keep liquids down . So doc wanted me to heal so he totally unfilled me .
Let me give ya'll some advice .. If you have to get a TOTAL unfill do NOT do what my dumb ass has done and eat like HELL . I have gained 8lbs since my unfill LESS Than 2 months ago and MAN is it not a good feeling. I have done it to myself . I could have gotten filled nearly a month before I did , because i was going on vacation I decided to stay unfilled while on vacation so i could eat what ever the hell i wanted.
So the moral of the story if you have to get totally unfilled be smart about what you eat , dont go nuts like i did . Now instead of 25 or so pounds to goal im nearly 35 !!!
UGHHH . SMART Mindy REAL FREAKING SMART! I have my fill on Thursday THANK GOD . Because what people do not know is when you get TOTALLY Unfilled. YOu can eat like you do not have a band anymore.
At least I can and THAT MY FRIENDS is a SCARY FEELING !!!

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