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My name is Mindy and I am a wife and mother of 2 boys, Ages 20 and 12. I recently started on the path of becoming a nurse something i have wanted to do since i was 11 !

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Saturday, August 9, 2014


Its been about 12 weeks since my revision and things are going pretty good. I have finally got my energy back for the most part it took quite a while for it to come back . I have made some more changes other than just surgery . While i was out on disability for my surgery I decided to look for a new job. When I was dreading having to go back , not to work but to the place I worked I decided to take the time to apply for a few other jobs. As it turns out I got one ! I am now working at an allergy clinic and Love it . The hospital was part of what was draining me so physically and I just could not see going back to that .

Because of my new hours at work I have the time and energy to walk now. I walk almost every night. Something I have never been good at sticking to . But I have been doing well for about 3 weeks now . I walk at least 6 days a week . Which is good for me and its been REALLY hot lately .
I have had some people ask me how this surgery compares to the other surgeries.

As far as how I feel and how i eat now, I have more restriction now after my RNY than almost any other surgery . I have only thrown up a few times and mostly from eating bad food ( really dry usually) which is a huge change from the lap band and the sleeve I could eat nearly anything in any amount .

Over all I feel REALLY Good. There is one thing that is really annoying and while I hate to put it out there for everyone to read .. its something I think surgery patients or people considering revisions should know goes on. Due to the malabsorbtion issues I have with the surgery I have chronic loose BM's . Its embarrassing and some times too much for me to deal with . I spoke to my doc about it a little bit and he said it was not "normal" but consequential of how I eat now . I will contact my NUT next week to talk to him more about it . I have started taking a probiotic to see if that helps .

So over all I feel good . I am down 31 pounds at this point and down from a 18/20 pant size to a 14 and they are getting a little loose. Also down from a XXL shirt to a Large Shirt .
Sometimes I do not see the difference and its hard for me to believe people when they say I look good or that they can tell I have lost weight .. I think because everyone know's i had surgery they are just saying it to be nice ! That's just me .

What do I still need to work on ? I want to start doing some yoga to tone up . Also eating better. I do not eat bad , however we have started a bad habit of eating out . While i eat healthy when I eat out I don't know what i am putting in my body . My B1 levels were low as were my B12 So I need to be able to get in the vitamins and calories I need and know what I am eating ! So that's the goal this month to eat at home more and try some yoga !!

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  1. I am happy to see things are finally moving toward a great direction. Yay on the 31 pounds lost. And congrats on the new job.