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Monday, May 6, 2013

So You want the lap band ? Please read this !

It saddens me to still see people contemplating or getting lap bands. Up until about 2 yrs ago I even still recommended them and for that I feel very guilty for . Here is my full story from band to relief if you would like to read it ..
I would like to point out a few facts, not my opinion about the band  ( I will get to my opinions in a bit )

1. The lap band currently has a 40-50% FAILURE rate .. Meaning You will either not loose weight or loose your band with in 4 or 5 yrs.

2. Just today the US has subpenaed the makers of the lap band for investigation .

3. many doctors are not even installing lap bands anymore.

4. People do not warn others of the band to be mean .. they do it to help .

5. Do you realize you will have to go back to the doc on average every 6 weeks for fills. That's not even counting UNFILLS. I had more unfills than fills.

6. The makers of the lap band system no longer say the band is " permanent" like they did when i had mine , the average time frame for a band is 5-10 yrs eventually it WILL have to come out.

Now my opinions...
If you still want the lap band re think it still. You may have spoken to people who have had the band, however it takes people and their docs a long time to figure out " this is not working " . People like me are not going to tell you " dont do it " because we think one surgery is better than the other ( although there are some people who will do that ) We do it because we want to save you the pain and suffering we all went through .
When i had my surgery there was no one telling me this is bad, it wont work . The issues had no come up yet. They have now .

Most people have ONE SHOT at this , One shot to have a new life. Unless you want your "new " life to eventually end up worse than what you currently have it . PLEASE RE THINK THIS .

For those who have the bands, or have it and are doing "ok " on it , Im glad, I hope you never have the issues I had and many , HUNDREDS of lap band friends have. I ask IF you are please speak up , talk to people who are wanting to get the band, ask your doc to stop worrying about money and stop installing them in people !

Please re think the lap band !!!

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