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My name is Mindy and I am a wife and mother of 2 boys, Ages 20 and 12. I recently started on the path of becoming a nurse something i have wanted to do since i was 11 !

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Thursday, December 6, 2012

ER Trip

On Tuesday night I had to be taken to the ER by my husband. What started out as a good day , I was finally able to eat some food , no liquids ! About 9pm i started having MASSIVE stomach pains, cramps that radiated around to my back . They were coming and going, like labor pains !
Finally after not being able to stand up straight around 1AM hubs took me to the ER . The ER where i had my surgery is about 30 mintues away , I told him I dont think i can make it there . He took me to a closer ER  one that I HATE because the people are idiots and lazy .
I knew I was in trouble when the nurse said " WELL WHY ON EARTH would you EVER have your lap band removed GEESH ?" I looked at hubs and mouthed OH EFF ! She then proceed to try to start an IV and was talking to her self " Is this a vein or a tendon , vein or tendon ?" While she's poking around on my arm, I told her "you got ONE SHOT to stick me lady ! "

The doc comes in and as I am telling him my history he is looking at me like im speaking french . He has NO IDEA about any kind of WLS .. and tells me " yeah you should have gone to the other ER " WTF !!
I was baffled that a doc had no idea essentially what i was talking about as far as revisions etc . I understand not seeing many patients but to not know ANYTHING ? WTF Is that.

Anyway , they decided to do a CAT scan on me and the nurse ( new one by now ) comes in with 3 glasses of contrast for me to drink and says " you have to drink this in about 10 minutes " I looked at her and LOL and said " YOUR KIDDING right ? " she said " no why ", I told her " It takes me 3 hours to drink 8 oz of fluid I cant drink that " So she tells me to do the best i can .
After labs and more stupid questions the CAT Scan showed nothing, no leak etc.

So they tell me " You ate too much too soon most likely " THANKS YOU IDIOTS !!

I called my surgeon to let him know I was in the ER and if he had any intelligent response and he told me ( after looking at the reports from the ER )  my body probably was in a little bit of shock from not eating food for so long and the re fried beans I had probably built up some gas that could not come out and caused the pain . GAS pains ?? Yep gas pains. Well that makes sense !

On a good note after a couple day stall I lost another 2 lbs and im down 20 pounds now !!!


  1. Yikes! thats a little scary. Beans might be off the list. I think the things I liked best when starting back on food were cottage cheese, yogurt, instant grits and babyfood. Not the yummiest of choices, but pretty base and not too much in the gas build up area! :)

  2. Yeah i think beans are off the list !
    I need to get some cottage cheese, i tried baby food and just could not stomach it ! BLUGH !
    I enjoyed cottage cheese during my first surgery .
    Nothing really tastes good to me right now !