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My name is Mindy and I am a wife and mother of 2 boys, Ages 20 and 12. I recently started on the path of becoming a nurse something i have wanted to do since i was 11 !

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Monday, July 30, 2012

Onward and Upward

Last week was not a good week for me ( as you might have been able to tell ) I have learned who  my friends are my REAL friends through this process and that's a little upsetting . Its upsetting to see friends you thought were friends and  you thought should stand by you get stupid on you basically .
Everyone has all the answers for me when they cant take the time to ask me how I am doing, how I am feeling, what I have tried. Its so easy to tell other people what they should do when you dont take the time to sympathize or empathize with them . All I have to say to those people is I hope your cushy little jobs with your "awesome" insurance and all your money never runs out ! If you are ever in my shoes one day dont come running to me for help or advice .. I dont plan on being there anymore !!

ANYWAY !! Im better this week , I have moved on . Things are looking up for my husbands work . I should hear back from PCIP insurance any day now .  Im thinking the rate they are moving I SHOULD have insurance the first of September. So I should be able to get in to see the doc the following week .

With the fundraiser I had set up and several other people have set up 3 other fundraisers for me I have about $1900 now . Which is enough to get me started. I am hoping by time Sept first gets here I will have the other half from either the fundraisers or my selling efforts on Facebook yard sale sites.

So that's how things are at this point. I am not throwing up as much lately . I have learned to just stick to liquid and mushy foods. which is not real fun , not very appetizing but its better than throwing up . I still have some pain after eating but its better than throwing up .

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