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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Never take eating for granted !

I have decided over the last couple of days that I am going to be honest and open with this process of my crap band .. So some things may gross people out .
Let me first start off by saying that I have found out who my real , true friends are lately .
I posted my fundraiser link on my facebook page , i know you open your self up to idiots and opinions when you do that. I understand that , if you dont agree with it or dont understand it, I have no problem with people asking my questions or simply just keeping things to them selves. BUT some of my "friends" and Im not talking about FB "friends" Im talking people I have known for 20 yrs decided to attack me over it. Telling me I was asking for " cosmetic surgery " it was ridiculous and offensive .. SO it was at that point I decided I am going to be more open with my friends and family about my crap band issue ? WHY ? Because I have not said much to people before now .

That being said let me tell you how my night went last night . I made a stir fry shrimp dish I had made before and ate fine, went down fine . It was really good so i decided I would make it last night. I ate one small meal of it slowly and it went down fine . I waited several hours , since I was still hungry I ate some more . Well there was the mistake . It slowly started hurting and slowly started working its way back " up" . Ya ever thrown up shrimp ? Yeah that's fun ! Now let me explain to you what happens with me when I throw up certain things .. Gross I know but its not just things coming back up .. I guess because of the way my stomach is and the scar tissue certain things get " stuck " coming back up therefore it makes it hard to breather . SO Imagine throwing up and not being able to breathe at the same time ! OHHH the fun .
Now after I am done with this it feels like someone has punched me in the chest because my chest is so sore and now today I have some killer acid reflux . So today ,will be a liquid day for me for the rest of the day . I can literally feel my stomach is swollen and wont be able to eat anything today .

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