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Thursday, April 19, 2012

The more I read the more I want it out !

I have been reading for over an hour on these studies from the Thinner Times studies I posted earlier. If you have time read them. You will notice as the years go on the findings , conclusions get worse and worse.....
CONCLUSIONS: LGB appeared promising during the first few years after its introduction, but results worsen over time, despite improvements in the operative technique and material. Only about 60% of the patients without major complication maintain an acceptable EWL in the long term. Each year adds 3-4% to the major complication rate, which contributes to the total failure rate. With a nearly 40% 5-year failure rate, and a 43% 7-year success rate (EWL >50%), LGB should no longer be considered as the procedure of choice for obesity. Until reliable selection criteria for patients at low risk for long-term complications are developed, other longer lasting procedures should be used.

Would you have gotten banded had you know THAT 3,4,5 years ago ?


  1. Thanks for the info and data.

    Yes, I would have still been banded anyway.

    "60% of the patients without major complication maintain an acceptable EWL in the long term." Those are odds I'd bet good money on for myself.

  2. If you go back and read the rest of the studies ... the longer the studies go on the worse the information gets ! Also what it says is 60% of those WITH OUT Major complications go on to maintain . And each year the 3-4% is added to the major complication rate ! Those are not good enough odds for me and Also NOT what i was told when i was banded.

  3. Also I see your still less than 3 yrs out of surgery ? What I am finding out is the 3-5 yr mark is when people really start having problems ! I wish you all the luck I hope you are one that does not have issues.