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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Whats The Problem ? With the band ??

I wanted to address a couple things .. I do not want people to think that just because I am not losing weight anymore that I am anti band , or going bitter etc.
I want to explain a couple things. For the last couple of years I WAS under the impression that I Was not working the band , I was failing. I was told several times by my doctor and other people " go back to basics ". Which I tried and it did not work . Then I slipped my band again . Then I was told my band was useless, It could not longer be filled and I had a $14,000 piece of shit in my body.
I want to also say that I like most people who were banded in 07-09 believed what we were "Sold" on the band . ( Im looking the differences of those up now )
The band did work for me initially . Am I the only one who has had issues ? NO... What Issues ? I will tell you in just a second. Also keep in mind some of these issues I did not realize were " Band related" or could be " band related" until I started talking to other lap band patients 5-6 yrs out and realized I was not the only one, they had the same issues.

From the Thinner Times

CONCLUSIONS: LGB appeared promising during the first few years after its introduction, but results worsen over time, despite improvements in the operative technique and material. Only about 60% of the patients without major complication maintain an acceptable EWL in the long term. Each year adds 3-4% to the major complication rate, which contributes to the total failure rate. With a nearly 40% 5-year failure rate, and a 43% 7-year success rate (EWL >50%), LGB should no longer be considered as the procedure of choice for obesity. Until reliable selection criteria for patients at low risk for long-term complications are developed, other longer lasting procedures should be used.

So what kind of other issues do I have ?
1.The obvious 2 slipps

2. Band Is Useless can not be filled

3. Esophageal Dilation symptoms

4/ Reflux DAILY ( this started about 2 months ago)

5. Unable to eat the following with out , getting stuck , throwing up or being in pain for hours after wards
A. Red Meat
B. Pork
C. Chicken
D. Bread
E. Anything Breaded
F. Rice (White or brown )
G. Pasta ( White or Wheat or any variation such as Couscous )
H. Pork
I. Sea Food depending on what it is
J. Milk ( Lactose intolerant )

5. I vomit at least once a day due to my eating issues. After vomiting I usually have to stay on liquids for anywhere from hours to days in order to eat normal again .

6. Weight ReGain .

7. Had to have MULTIPLE fills and unfills to be told Im just " sensitive to fills " I had more unfills than Fills I believe

8. Financial strain its put on my family .

9. Emotional toll its taken on my as well as my family .

10. The Auto Immune disorder symptoms I have and have had for a couple years I now believe are related to my band . I still suffer from the symptoms and docs act like Im crazy and no one will do anything about it.

So, Did i believe the band worked ? Sure I did at first , its all I knew .
However, now knowing what i know i caution anyone before getting the band.
Do I wish anyone who has it the best of luck and HOPE TO GAWD they do not have any issues, of course ! However, dont judge someone who has had issues and be self righteous by saying " WELL Its WORKING For me " , or YOU Are not doing something right " WATCH what you say !! It might bite you in the ass one day !

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