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Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Review of Caca Rouge Mama

Originally submitted at LUSH USA

Want shiny red tresses without frying your hair in ammonia-based dyes? Caca Rouge (as in red) might not look like a pretty product (and some say its wet hay smell isn't too pretty either), but after you rinse it out you have healthy locks that are radically red -- especially in the sunlight! Wi...

Finally tried this !

By MindyNTexas from Buda TX on 11/17/2011


5out of 5

When you survey your stash, you label this product: Must-Have

Commitment To Color: Semi-Permanent

Pros: Natural Look, Great for Hair, Great Color

Cons: Time Consuming, Messy

Describe Yourself: Minimalist

I have been wanting to try the Henna products for a long time now . But after seeing some of the reviews about how messy and difficult it is to use I really was scared to try it . I have never dyed my hair on my own before and thought this was not the time to start ! I finally decided at my last trip to Lush to give this a shot. Yes its messy , but the process itself is not that bad. Its quite simple to do , honestly you just slop it on your head for the most part. My color is AMAZING ! I am going to continue to use the henna ! I tried the Caca Maroon and my hair has never felt better ! ( My natural hair color is med brown , i had chemically dyed blond high lights when i dyed my hair w/ the Henna !)

Day 4 after product


Tags: Made with Product

Right after applying product


Tags: Made with Product



  1. I absolutely love the color! gonna try henna tomorrow myself, also the caca rouge. glad it turned out this great, gives me hope :)

  2. It is a messy process. But be patient. It turns out great ! Message me if you have any questions. let me know how it turns out !