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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Please Read for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Since this month is breast cancer awareness month I thought I would give y'all some information most people do not know.
First off last month was childhood cancer awareness month , did you know that ?
Were there yellow ribbons all over the place like there are pink ribbons ? No .
I was at the grocery store today and there were pink ribbons on the PRODUCE ! REALLY !!
Why does this upset me ? For a few reasons, I went to a funeral of a 9 yr old girl this weekend who died of brain cancer. This year I personally have known 3 children diagnosed w/ Cancer 2 of them are no longer hear.
The other reason . 90% of the stuff I see with pink ribbons are for Susan G Komen foundation . That's good right ? NO ... One reason we might not see yellow ribbons all over the place may just be because Komen elbows out the small guys by spending MILLIONS Of dollars a year on legal fee's fighting mom and pop charities who use " for a cure" Or anything "Pink " in their events or slogans ! Dont believe me ?

Now dont get me wrong, Cancer awareness is great, all cancers need awareness, all cancers need cures.
However, do you really want to give your money to an org who does this ? I personally will not anymore. There are other orgs like the Breast Cancer Research Foundation or a wonderful org called Curesearch where 99% off all money raised goes to Childhood cancer research !

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  1. I agree, I don't donate to some of the big names anymore. Oct is also domestic violence awareness month. How many purple ribbons have we seen? Food for thought: A woman has a 1 in 8 lifetime chance of having breast cancer, whereas 1 in 4 women (and 1 in 13 men) will experience domestic violence in their lifetime, and an average of three women in America die as a result of domestic violence each day.