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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Laser Hair Removal Treatment #10 Cartridges

I am on my 10th treatment with the Silk n SenseEpil Laser hair removal machine !
My mom decided she wanted to start using it , so she told me she would buy more cartridges for it if I let her use it ! Thanks mom ! She ordered 3 off the Silk N SenseEpil site you can get them as a set . Or one at a time. Its a better deal if you get them as a set ( google coupon codes ! )

SO now to my progress. Using it on the highest level .

Upper lip: The hair is nearly all gone . There is a small mount left on the corners of my lip . I think maybe because it might be little harder to get to with the machine. But the only time I shave it now is before I use the machine .
Score, I will take that !

Chin: Oh the hair on my chinny chin chin is going to be the nemesis of me !
It IS thinner . There seems to be less of it . It also seems softer , not the course hard hair that was there before. As I sit here and felt it , my chin is soft and it seems the top of my chin ( on top of my face ) not much is left there its just my actual chin ( if that makes sense ) is what is being stubborn .
Now, let me clarify something, I personally do not believe this has anything to do w/ the machine not working , this has more to do with my PCOS condition and causing excess hair to grow than anything .
So I am still happy with the progress though .

Under Arms: The hair on the upper part of my under arms is for the most part gone. I am still "zapping" it to be sure . It stays smooth between shaves, again I only shave before a treatment .
The other part of it same thing, its getting thinner , I probably only shave it , now that I think about it before treatments.

Bikini Area : Lets just say its the same issue as my chin ! LMAO

I started my stomach 2 treatments ago and its growing back really slowly .
So another 2 or 3 treatments and I hope it will be gone !