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Monday, March 14, 2011

Laser Hair Removal #11

Today was treatment #11 for my Silk N SenseEpil Laser Hair removal system.
The progress is probably the same for the most part as treatment 10 .

Upper Lip :
Maybe a little smoother than last week . Its getting less and less each week that I have to shave. I did notice a hair that needed to be plucked out ( stray hair) and when I tried to pull it out it came right out, like it was not attached to anything.
So I think that it a good sign.

Chin: Again thinning , seems like each week there is a little bit of progress being made. I am happy with this . I expected this to take about twice as long as "Normal" So I am good .

Under Arms : Hair is thinning out a lot . And I shave about once a week . This should be about gone soon .

Bikini Area: Improvement . This is not a big area of concern for me so I do not notice much . But I would say there is 60% less hair growth .

My stomach area: I would say there is about 75% less hair growth ! So Good amount of progress there !

Now for the cartridges . I JUST changed the first cartridge half way through this treatment . So that is A LOT of use in my opinion . 10 1/2 treatment . I should have counted how many zaps I had each treatment, but I would say at LEAST 50 per treatment ! So that's a good amount of use out of each cartridge !


  1. What does it do?? just laser? I might have to get one of these, are they expensive?


  2. It removes hair . Why would you want/ need one your a man arent you ? LOL
    They run about $400-500 !

  3. Hey be nice on my site LOL...

    I could use this on my chest, I hate hair there ;)

  4. I tell it like it is, I have been in the money and lost it , I am really trying to help !

    As long as the hair is not blonde or light it will work . Your wife could use it too so it would be a good investment .

  5. Its better than $1200-$2000 it normally costs to get it done professionally !