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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Humpty Bumps Update

I went to the podiatrist today for a check up on my foot after the biopsy on Friday .
Not much to report other than he wanted me to stay off my foot for another day or so .
I thought i was going to get the stiches out and throw away the ugly boot I have to wear but NOOO way Jose. 2 more weeks of the stitches and the boot ! I need to figure out something else to wear , that damn boot hurts more than anything else I think.
The pathology results were not in yet either. The doc did say he thought they were just fibroid cysts . Which if that is the case they will need to be removed from all of my toes. FUN OF FUN. So I go back next week for another check .

I have to make a gastro appt tomorrow as well.
Im off work all this week. So here i sit in bed w/ my foot up ..

On a nother note, I would like to ask for prayers, good thoughts, crossed fingers, what ever it may be you do ... Our very good friends daughter is battling a rare form of cancer, she was diagnosed stage 4. The cancer was gone for a short time and is now back in her spine and in her spinal fluid. The doctors reports have said they do not expect her to make it through the week. She is only 11 years old. Please keep her in your thoughts.

Her name is Cheyenne.!/group.php?gid=112214285901&ref=ts
Is her Facebook page.

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