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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Lap band Failed YOU . YOU did not fail !

Lately I have ran across a few people who are struggling to get their band removed like I did . There are a few things I would like to suggest that might help ... First off im not an expert , just someone who had been through hell and back with the lap band. So here are some things that might help.

1. Remember the band failed YOU , YOU did not fail the band. The band in my opinion is an evil contraption that should be removed ASAP ESPECIALLY if its a smaller, older band like i had.

2. Throwing up with the band means ANYTHING that comes up out of your mouth after you ate it .
The word " PB" gets thrown around in the WLS community , it means productive burping, or the last bite you ate just comes back up . THAT Is throwing up PERIOD. It WILL slip your band, I never "Threw up " I DID PB weekly and THAT slipped my band . Do not fool yourself into thinking your not throwing up .

3. This is just my opinion but I would NOT go back to the doc that put your band in to have it removed or even speak to him about having it removed. Why ? Its been my experience that the surgeon who put in your band takes it personally , takes the failure of the band personally . They will not ( Most I am sure there are some out there that will be honest ) be honest with you soon enough and tell you that you band needs to come out . At the very least go get a second opinion .

4. If YOU feel like your having issues w/ the band you probably ARE .. Do not give up on answers until you get them , this is where its important to seek a second or third opinion out side of your original surgeon .

5. If you get as many unfills as you do fills there is an issue .. Your not able to tolerate fills , Get it out !

Do I think EVERY PERSON who has a band should have it removed ? No , However If there is any DOUBT your having an issue , it needs to be addressed. Its been my finding that its just a down hills slide from there !!

Be cautious with the smaller, older bands, My band was a 4 CC band placed in 2006 .. In my opinion these are some of the more dangerous bands !

When in doubt get it out !!!


  1. Great list!! Wish I had it around this time last year.

  2. Great post, I know lots of bandsters who have trouble with their band.

    I'm your newest follower, you can find me at:

  3. Thanks Shelia ! welcome !

  4. I agree about the 4cc band. They didn't change them for no reason!

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