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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Laser Hair Removal Treatment 13, 14 and probbaly 15

I have done a few treatments for the Silk n SensEpil laser hair removal and not blogged about it , my life is crazy busy right now !
So Here is the latest on the laser hair removal.
I have mixed reviews to be honest . The hair on my under arms is nearly gone .
Another treatment or so it will be gone. So that's great, its working.
My mom came over used the machine twice on her lip and the hair was gone. WONDERFUL !
The hair on my lip is probably decreased by 50% I probably have to shave it once a week ( maybe a few more times ) but its better, Im happy with that.

NOW what is aggravating me and frustrating me is my chin ! The whole reason I wanted this machine ! Its STILL THERE ! Its thinner , yes, its decreased yes, But not enough for me to feel comfortable enough to not shave my chin on a daily bases if I have to go out of my house. I am SURE this has more to do w/ my body make up and the PCOS than the machine. Again my mom used it TWICE ( dag nabit ! ) and her's is gone ! So I posted on the Silk N SensEpil Facebook page to see if they have any suggestions for me . I am Half tempted to start using the machine every 2 or 3 days. But I'll wait for a bit.


  1. Hi Mindy Downer LOL

    Look it's life, there's a lot I can't control! things just happen!

    I'm glad the hair treatments are going ok ;)


  2. Mindy! I will survive lol... if not I'm moving in with you, where do you live again?


  3. Maybe you should try to ask for professional advice in this case....Because a laser hair removal treatment should work on any area you want, no exceptions, maybe for some you'll need more sessions that for others, but the result should be similar if not the same. I did a treatment for my chin at a Mississauga laser hair removal clinic and the result is the same as my underarm hair, in that area. So maybe you're missing something......

  4. I must admit you share a tremendous amount of information regarding that center. Personally i will take care of every single word that you had mention over here.

  5. Onyx, it is not a center, it is an at home laser hair removal system . So I am not sure what you are talking about ?

  6. Kev, I Suspect your comment is spam but i kept it to address your comment. I have PCOS , i produce excessive amounts of hair in some area's of my body due to hormones than others. so this is NOT uncommon . Some professional laser hair removal companies will not even guarantee results if you have PCOS . So this is not uncommon !

  7. Hi Mindy!

    Apologies if you have already received a comment from me. It didn't show up so I thought maybe I screwed it up!

    I really love your blog and fantastic Silk'n treatment posts. You inspired me to order and I am SO excited for it to arrive!

    I have two quick questions that I am hoping you can answer:

    1.) When you treat your top lip, do you cover your actual lips at all? I believe the website mentions using white surgical tape.. Did you do this? I am really worried about side effects on my lip line if I do this wrong!

    2.) When using the machine on your face (or anywhere), have you noticed a difference in your skin? Texture change or breakouts?

    Thanks so much Mindy! Keep up the great work :)

  8. Hi Eva, No problem . as for your questions.
    1. When I remember I tape my upper lip . Which is not that often to be honest. I have not noticed anything changed in that area, but its probably a good idea to do it , if your worried about it .

    2. I have not noticed any change in any area, skin , texture, break outs etc. there is a little redness after the treatment but that lasts mintues. hope that helps >

  9. Thanks so much Mindy! I think I will use tape just in case. Looking forward to future posts and thanks again for your help and blog in general :)

  10. Hi. I just stumbled across your blog looking at information on the silkn product. I bought it a couple months ago and have had great success in some areas, I still have dark hair on my chin. It's thinned out, but I still shave often. I too have PCOS and I believe that makes our hair problems more resistant to treatment. My obgyn clinic offers laser hair removal and I talked to the nurse practitioner about it. She said that with PCOS the results are never as good. It'll reduce the hair but our bodies keep producing the androgens so we have to do more maintenance.

    Good luck in your journey. Your after picture looks FANTASTIC!

  11. btw, I use the silkn 1-2 times per week if that helps;)