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My name is Mindy and I am a wife and mother of 2 boys, Ages 20 and 12. I recently started on the path of becoming a nurse something i have wanted to do since i was 11 !

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Evolution of Shopping

Aggie98, a Fellow blogger gave me the inspiration for this post, she was talking about shopping before surgery and it brought up some feelings, and memories that I thought I would share.
Shopping was never really my thing, I have never really been a "girly girl" so shopping didnt appeal to me much. Even in high school when i was thin . Sure it was fun to go to the mall . In high school i was a "cowgirl" boots and jeans were my thing. That does not require much style or thought. That remained my style until i got married for the most part. Then I got fat.
While i was fat, well anything that resembled a burlap sack did just fine . Plus for the most part i did not have much money and lets face it Walmart does not have the most stylist or flattering fat people clothes. (Note my before picture courtesy of Walmart and that was a dressed up outfit )
Shortly before my surgery we started to do a little better money wise. So i got tired of looking like crap all the time and decided " Im not going to shop at Walmart anymore " . So i started spending a little more money on my fat clothes. Went to Lane Bryant and The Avenue.
That helped me gain some self respect back, lets face it the clothes just look better and are as flattering as fat clothes can be .

After I had my surgery shopping at first did not interest me . But as I started to drop sizes I obviously had to go get more clothes. The smaller i got the more fun it became.
Then one day i went into the Avenue to buy jeans and guess what ? Everything ... was TOO BIG !Could it be ? Normal sizes ? My dream was to walk into Old Navy and NOT feel like the fat ass in the store of skinny biotches ! So i thought " Should i try it ? Should i try Old Navy ? "
Across the street I went .. Tried on a 16 they had in there , STOP THE DAMN PRESSES !
TOO BIG ! Then I Tried on a 14 ! It FIT !! Dare i run through the store screaming ? NO instead with out realizing it I (apparently rather loudly ) said " Shut the F*C* up " Well the lady in the dressing room said " are you ok is there something i can help you with " LMAO I said " No thank you I am just in shock that these fit "
That my friends was the start of a very dangerous habit !
Old Navy is bad news ! In a good way . Do you know you can buy shirts there for $2, 4 and $6 , No WHOLE Shirts, that fit over your whole body !
Pants for under $40 ! Hell you can buy 2 pairs of pants for $40 !

Now.. prepare yourself !! Ladies and Gentleman its the Mother Ship: THE MALL

Its a WHOLE Building full of stores to explore ! This my friends was a whole new world for me.
By time I ventured to the mall I was well into normal sizes . What FUN this is.
I have a 17 yr old sister and she has opened my up to a whole new world.
Stores I had never set foot in . Gadzooks , Buckle, Macy's ect. Clothes that you can get for so cheap. I have to warn you though, This can be habit forming and addictive , you have to watch it. Seriously . People can switch from one addiction to another , food to clothes. I have seen it happen. I would have to say I came CLOSE to having a problem . But i stopped myself.
Oh yeah and you would have to have money in order to do that LMAO .
But seriously . I cant tell you how fun it is to know that you can walk into ANY Store in the mall and buy nearly everything in that store. OR the BEST , they don't have your size not because your too BIG but because that size is GONE from it being "too popular " ! Oh my !
If ya'll do not look forward to anything, look forward to shopping !
Now the closer to goal i get the more i am trying not to shop because once i get to goal i want to get a ton of new nice clothes.
One of my weakness' that my lovely teen sister has turned me onto , Designer jeans.
You know the one's that cost $200 a pop ! Lucky for ME , my mom buys her an ass load of them and i get her hand me downs now ! But I would love to buy some nice ones for my own .
Also consignment stores are the best for cheap designer clothes.
See I love expensive clothes, But i love buying expensive clothes that are CHEAP ! I like getting a bargain !
Anyway , i have rambled enough I thought I would tell you my Evolution of Shopping !


  1. You are SUCH an inspiration, Mindy!! Omg, there's a thing called a mall? They really exist? :D Haven't been to a mall in ages.

    And have you ever tried eBay for designer jeans? A lot of times they sell new clothes with tags still on them but for way less. You may just luck out.

  2. Thanks Beth ! YES can you believe the mall ! I had not been to the mall except to get my son's clothes. Its so much fun !
    I have not done ebay yet , just because i buy cheap clothes now because i dont want to spend abunch on clothes until i get to goal.
    My sister just gave me 4 pairs of Seven For All Man Kind Jeans the other day , they are a size too small so they should fit when im at goal.

  3. Glad I could provide some inspiration for your post today ;)

    Designer jeans are going to be my first purchase when I get to goal and I cannot wait!

  4. You were Aggie ! Sorry I meant to go back and put your name in as an inspiration , I will !
    Designer Jeans are awesome ! As long as I dont have to pay full price for them !

  5. Mindy, I just can't believe the before and after of you are the same person. I was a size 24 when I started. You look like you might have been one too. Now you are so tiny. An inspiration!

  6. Doc, You have a good "eye" I was indeed a 24 . WAIT until you see this picture I will post soon ! My mom found it this weekend. Its a "Before" picture. OMG Ya'll its HORRIFYING !
    I'll try to get it on here this week.ITS WORSE , MUCH worse than the one i have on there now . I KNOW I weighted more than in the pic that's on there now .
    You are doing awesome ! thank you so much for the compliments !

  7. Oh my, you look wonderful.
    Love your blog.
    When I find my size, I buy it. I even buy clothes I don't like.
    Thats crazy.
    I've come across all these weight loss blogs through a fellow blogger named Judi who happened to have lapband surgery.
    Since reading all of these, I am starting to think of having it myself.
    If I do decide, I know now that I will not be alone!

  8. I am right there with you babe! Clothes, shoes, baubles and drug! Shopping in whatever store I fix! I'm craving the mall after reading your post!