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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Labs are in .

Ok so here's the latest on my saga . My labs are in , the ass wipe doc finally called me back !
The labs are normal . The Epstein bar test said I had had mono at some point in time but it was old and resolved, but that was it.
So I should be relieved huh ? Not really . relieved that nothing is seriously wrong w/ me , but more frustrated that i still have not answer. If I did not have these things on my feet I would REALLY think i was going nuts . So I see the Rheumatolgist tomorrow maybe he will have some answers for me.

I Just want to feel better.
Thanks for listening


  1. Hi there,

    What was tested for exactly? 20% of people who have RA test negative for the rheumatoid factor and are what's called seronegative (for example, I'm seronegative). I'm assuming your rheumatologist will run more complete tests than your regular doctor did...

    Good luck! Hope you get some answers!

    :) Laurie

  2. Laurie, thank you for your email . He ran:
    Sed Rate
    Uric Acid
    RA Factor (Quant)
    Epstein Bar Virus Panel
    I am hoping the rheumy will run some better tests more comprehensive ? Today my feet and the back of my legs ( say behind my skins) hurt to the point where i cant hardly put any pressure on them . Like clothes or shoes.
    So if your the 20% and say I am how do they know you have RA ? Process of elimination ?
    I tell ya if i did not have these things on my feet that had some form of "Physical " proof something is going on I would think im nuts ! thanks for the reply !

  3. Hi Mindy,

    I sent you an email. But it's a combination of things that leads to an RA diagnosis, not just bloodwork. Here's a link to new criteria for determining if someone has RA, and it involves a combination of joint involvement and different bloodwork tests (it's all rather convoluted, but something either/any doctor should be able to go through in detail with you):

    Good luck!