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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My doctor is a word that rymes with pick !

I call about lab results at 10am this morning . They told me " They are here but not ready , doc has to read them , he will call you this afternoon " Ok fine . I'll sit here and obsess and wait . Well 3 o'clock rolls around , no phone call. I decide I better call them before they leave for the day .
I call and someone tells me this is the "Other " doctors office ( MD sharing ) and today was my docs HALF DAY , seems HE"S GONE ! WTF are you talking about ! So she tells me " let me call over there and see if he's still there and i'll have someone from his office call you RIGHT BACK . 2 HOURS later NO DAMN CALL !
IM FURIOUS ! First off I use to work for doctors. I KNOW im not the only patient , but I also know when someone calls and says " I really need these results im kind of anxious about them " You CAN and DO take the extra time to at least find out if the doc needs to talk to the patient , if they are in etc. And then CALL THEM BACK !
In other words HAVE SOME FREAKING COMPASSION . I cant tell you HOW MANY Times I spent 30 minutes hunting down info , bothering doctors just to hear the doc say " make an appt to have them come in to discuss the results ! " FINE but at least the patient KNOW"S what is going on " This is BULLSHIT !

Some good news my nurse friend thought she could get me into see a really good rheumatologist soon , they are all booked in this town 4 weeks or more out .
I called another one ( they are hard to find good ones in this town ) and they just HAPPEN to have a cancellation and I have an apt w/ them THIS Thursday . It does not matter how the results come out I need to see a Rhematologist ( Sorry I cant spell that word ) So that was LUUUUCKKKYYY . Its way the hell out of the way from my house but that's ok.

Anyway ... That's my vent .

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