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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Rheumtologist Update

I went to the specialist today , Rheumatologist (I cant never spell that right )
I liked him a lot . Hes' very nice, listened well, spent all the time i needed w/ him, He was voted one of Texas Monthly's "Super Doctors" 4 yrs in a row.
He did not make any "Guess' about what might be going on . He said he's all about patient education but at this point im a puzzle we need to put together.
He wants me to go to the podiatrist and get the things on my feet biopsied. ( I do that next Friday ) He did say that since i have had gastro problems since 2002 that might play something into this ( like Crohns disease or something ? ) that's about the only "condition" he threw around.
He ordered some more blood work , I did not get a list but he is going to email them to me as they come in .
I do know one was a thyroid test, CBC , protein test , metabolic ( I was looking on the lab sheet ) that's all i remember they took 7 vials of blood !
He gave me a stronger NSAID RX ( I had to check w/ my lap band doc to take it and he said ok )
He did say I can tell you this has NOTHING to do w/ your band , I knew that though .
So although i did not get much of an answer i feel like we are at least moving towards one.

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