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Friday, June 19, 2009

Where oh Where have my boobies gone ?

My sister and I had a long day of shopping. First we hit the Victoria Secret OUTLET ( that's right OUTLET ) close to our house. LOVE it . I got some much needed new panties since mine were falling off of me. Ya know underwear is just one of those things you let go until you have to buy them. At least I do .
Anyway, the outlet did not have any bra's that i liked or fit really . OF Course not since they are $9.99 there. I got a few other things i needed.
So my sister and i decided to go to the "real" VS store in the mall since they were having their Semi Annual Sale.
I got the size I wear now .. 36C .. Yeah NOT going to work ! I asked the lady .. could you please find me A PADDED PUSH UP Bra in a size 34 B ! That's right B AS in BOY I have no BOOBS Left !! WTF !! Those damn things are gone !! GONE I TELL YA LADIES ! I have been wearing a C MOLDED cup for so long it gave me the illusion of having boobs ! NO more magic tricks here ladies !!! My ass is not the only thing getting smaller in Texas !!!

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