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Monday, June 29, 2009

Eating : From one extreme to another I dont know who is " luckier"

I spoke before about my SIL on here who is anorexic and would not get help.
I took the posts down because I did not want to leave them up .
Well things have gotten worse with her. My brother came home this weekend and found her nearly dead on the floor . When I say nearly dead I mean NEARLY Dead . Her body temperature was 70 , her glucose was not even registering, she had no pulse and very little breath sounds. He called 911 when EMS got there they could barely get a pulse and finally found her "breaths" .
They think what happened was her blood sugars got so low she fell and hit her head . She had been laying there for at least 6 hours. ( my brother had not been living there for a few weeks he just happen to go home to get something and found her ) She is in the ICU now and is alert and awake. But needless to say it was CLOSE.
Im very worried about my brother as well as her. That this wont kick in how serious her condition is.

This got me to thinking though. Most of us who are over weight , or became over weight to some extent have or had an eating disorder . Or over eating problem , what ever you want to call it or how ever you want to say it .
But what is "worse" over eating , not being able to control or stop your eating Or NOT wanting to eat at all ?
Food is the one thing we need, have to have in order to live ( and water ) and its the one addiction that's SO Hard to kick.
I guess in a way we are "lucky" we have a solution , lap band, RNY ect. What solution does she have ? If she does not get help she will die.
Her "issues" are in her head. She looks at herself and see's fat. Who cant relate to that ? I know i can . But instead of doing what I for instance did , burring her feelings in food , she does the opposite and just wont eat. Its a vicious cycle.
I hope she can get out of before its too late.


  1. I'm sorry to hear about you SIL!! I think I missed your posts on her. That is so scary, glad your brother found her when he did. Hope things improve and she is able to get help.

  2. Thanks. She is improving she is talking abotu getting some help now . I think ? Time will tell .