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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Eating, grocery shopping ...

Is a struggle these days. Not because of any issues with my band but because of how my father cooks and shops. He goes to the grocery store EVERY DAY . Who does that ?
First off its MORE expensive and it just is not practical. The first few weeks he was working a lot so it was pretty well for me because i was doing the cooking.
Now its kind of " who ever asks first " does it.
He tries to please everyone in the family , i will give him that.
But Its REALLY hard to NOT eat crap when there is a BUNCH Of crap in this house.
I dont buy soda's at ALL . My kids have not had soda's except an occasional root beer here and there in nearly 2 yrs. We move in here and there is soda's every where. My oldest really does not drink them much but he has started drinking them again because they are so "available" .

Its just not how i like to or want to cook for my family or shop for them .

But I guess im stuck with it for another few months.

Things are going pretty good. My parents are being very nice .

Hubby has had my youngest in Houston all this week. So i have had some "down" time !

Anyway ... Had to give a little vent i guess today .
Thanks for listening .

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